YouTube vs Twitch: Who is winning the social streaming war?

If we go on numbers alone, YouTube is the clear winner with a 343% growth of its streamer base in the past year. Twitch, by comparison, grew by 197%.

However, despite YouTube’s clear gains, Twitch still holds the crown for live streaming talent as it provides new opportunities for creators to grow engaged audiences whilst making a decent living at the same time.

In 2016/17, creators began to see disparages in their Google AdSense earnings, resulting in users looking for new ways to diversify their revenue streams via membership platforms such as Patreon or jumping ship altogether.

In the past month alone, three of YouTube’s biggest creators joined Twitch; Casey Neistat, Roman Atwood and Logan Paul have each grown YouTube audiences in their millions but have all started looking elsewhere for more creativity, more control, and more cash.











The fight for users and advertisers is far from over however as this week, YouTuber @elrubiusOMG smashed Twitch’s recent record of 635k concurrent views for Ninja & Drake’s Fortnite stream, reaching 1.1m views at the stream’s peak.

What can Twitch offer that YouTube can’t?

Putting extremes like this aside, there is both money and an audience to be made on Twitch; both of which are major incentives that YouTube is increasingly taking away from its users.

This influx of new users from YouTube and IRL (In Real Life) streamers, such as Casey, can help boost the presence of other channels and Twitch’s popularity overall, not to mention attract the attention of brands.

But it has also resulted in frustration from experienced gamers, who aren’t happy with the increased competition.

With streaming records being regularly broken and more and more creators taking sides, it won’t be long before an outright winner is named. Who is your bet on?


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