Case Studies

Celebrating International Women’s Day with

International Women’s Day created the perfect opportunity for Very to celebrate its customers, as well as influencers who are most engaged with and best represent everything the brand stands for. The campaign was, in essence, a call to arms for the influencers involved to feel empowered by sharing their stories, which would in turn empower and inspire Miss Very.

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How GAME drove sales during peak

It’s reported that high street Christmas shopper numbers went down 4.5% in 2017. The reason? Online shopping, of course. Why go to town when you can get the best deals delivered to your door, whilst watching your latest Netflix Boxset?

During Christmas, we wanted to ensure that GAME was front of mind and that their customers were thinking of only them, ahead of their competitors.

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Celebrating Christmas with Moonpig

Moonpig is known, and loved, for its humour and emotion when it comes to cards and gifts. This Christmas, Connects partnered Moonpig with design-savvy influencers to create fun, sharable cards which were sold on; utilising influencer’s skillsets on a platform which perfectly promotes them.

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M&S Launch an at-home delivery service

Deliveroo, UberEats, Just-Eat – food to your door, has never been easier! But, in the last year alone, views of food and recipe content grew 59% and social engagement (likes, comments and shares) on food channels rose by 118%. So, what happens when M&S Food launch their own at-home delivery solution?

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#LoveGiving at Christmas with Very

For brands, the key to cutting through the Christmas online noise is in capturing authentic moments of emotion and serving relevant content to a targeted audience. For Very, using complimentary influencers and Facebook video is precisely what we did to achieve this.


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