Celebrating Christmas with Moonpig

Moonpig is known, and loved, for its humour and emotion when it comes to cards and gifts. While many brands offer personalisation services to their customers, not many tap in to the human emotion that comes with it; not many brands, other than Moonpig. This Christmas, to culminate in a year which saw the online destination totally rebrand its vibe and appeal, Connects used design-savvy influencers to create some fun, sharable and exclusive cards which were then sold on Moonpig.com. This utilised influencer’s skillsets on a platform which perfectly exposes and promoted them.


Christmas is all about showing off how much you actually know someone, as well as how much you care – this campaign was all about getting that right! By utilising influencers, we inspired and enabled Moonpig’s new, and existing, customers to give Christmas the thought and time that it deserves this year through offering exclusive designs from well-known influencers.


To ensure Moonpig worked with relevant influencers, Connects identified graphic based designers who were yet to have their own card ranges, offering them a platform to sell on whilst bringing their skillset to the core of the campaign. Both influencers and Moonpig promoted the card ranges on their social platforms, meaning fans could seamlessly purchase them for their friends and family. Most importantly, to ensure everyone was satisfied – Connects engaged three very different and unique influencers to ensure diversity in product ranges.


This was an unprecedented way to put influencer talent at the heart of a campaign and the results for it – an average Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE) of 0.3p – support the notion that, utilising influencer skillset above all else is vital when trying to conduct good influencer marketing.

NB: sales data cannot be disclosed for this activation.


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