Childs Farm’s viral social strategy

After discussing the best way to communicate this to social media, we kept coming back to the idea of Childs Farm and its community “sharing the love”. Why? Because this is a brand committed to delivering real merchandise to real customers who have real success stories to shout about.  

“Sharing the love” resulted in an Instagram and Facebook account bursting with parents so pleased with the results of Childs Farm eczema and dry skin-helping products that content began to speak for and produce itself. Enough love was even shared that Childs Farm’s social following grew by 333%, leading to the love being shared globally on The Daily Mail and Lad Bible. As success stories took the internet by storm, which in turn led to products selling out quicker than had ever been anticipated.  


Our challenge was simple: drive growth and awareness of and for Childs Farm.  We wanted their social communities to do what parents do best, share and tell their stories which naturally places the product as being a game changer and results in huge return on investment for the business.


The key approach in this campaign was the emphasis on “sharing the love”. Real stories, real parents, real product. We used emerging influencers to tell their parenting hacks to guide and support the wider Childs Farm community.

We then created a platform of likeminded parents who have the desire to share their tips, tricks and Childs Farm stories.  We also produced an approach to video which created longer form Facebook content. In order to support the community and get the ball moving with people naturally, and willingly, “sharing the love”.


In the first four weeks, Childs Farm delivered: Coverage of genuine success stories in Daily Mail and The Lad Bible


  •  333% increase in followers, with one day alone driving 5.5K new fans
  • Engagement rate increased by 34%
  • 8K organic views on the influencer-led video content in its first 24 hours of being live and with no media spend 


  • Following doubled within four weeks – with our best-in-class content day driving 678 new parents to the channel alone
  • An average engagement rate of 2.5% was maintained on the feed



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