FIFA18 UK Launch with Lady Leshurr

Whether it’s your favourite beauty YouTuber, go-to fashion site or highest scoring PlayStation game, audiences are looking for ways to connect with brands through the faces of people they admire and trust.

For the FIFA18 UK Launch, the key to making that happen rested in the hands of the 5ft tall, Queen of Grime, Lady Leshurr.

With last year’s FIFA17 crowned the fastest selling FIFA game on record, GAME was challenged with launching FIFA18 in a way that generated instant excitement but also created a physical experience for audiences across the UK.


Connects identified Lady Leshurr as the perfect fit for the FIFA 18 launch as, not only has she grown an engaged community of fans who are invested in her likes and life, she is a genuine FIFA legend and all-around advocate for the game so much so, she’s now wearing a splint on her thumb due to repetitive FIFA injuries! Stay safe kids.

Lady Leshurr joined the #GAMEBus (you may have seen us on the road, big purple 77-seater with a 14ft Cristiano Ronaldo on the side?) in London and her home town of Birmingham driving hype for fans of the game and offering her own fans the chance to meet her, grab a selfie and play a game of FIFA!


During the tour, which saw the #GAMEBus travel up and down the UK Lady Leshurr took over GAME’s Instagram account sharing stories from the road and shared over 100 snaps to her +250k audience on Snapchat

Connects worked with Lady Leshurr to create ephemeral content that shared the buses location, teased her appearances and showed live, in the moment reactions to FIFA18!

As a formidable gamer, Lady Leshurr invited her sister and female fans onto the bus – some of whom were new to the game, encouraging them to pick up a controller and immerse themselves in the world of FIFA!


Not only has FIFA18 knocked Destiny 2 off the No.1 spot in the UK’s gaming tables, but social activity on influencer feeds reached over 3m people via:

  • Over 100 Snapchats with a 15.9% engagement rate
  • 5m Snapchat impressions
  • GAME Instagram takeover by Lady Leshurr & live stream
  • 42k views on GAME’s Instagram stories

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