Giving the everyday ‘Urbanista’ access to a wireless world

Wave goodbye to the heartache of untangling your headphones – and say hello to four sleek colourways. We recently worked with Urbanista, an audio tech brand who put Scandinavian design at their heart, to launch their new wireless Stockholm earphones. The main draw? You can choose from one of their four sleek colourways – from millennial rose gold to monochrome black. The style of their products are inspired by urban life, that’s why all of them are named after the major cities of the world. The project was a great opportunity for us to onboard a team of diverse content creators to drive noise and awareness of the new earphones at scale.


One of the biggest challenges we faced was around ensuring the earphones had cut-through in a market with a clear leader in wireless earphones. We had to ensure the briefs to our content creators heroed the Stockholm’s style and functionalities, with the four colourways being a key USP.

By letting the product shine in a way that was authentic to the influencers, we could highlight the product specs that truly set Urbanista aside in the wireless market.


We onboarded 11 content creators with diverse styles to showcase the different colourways of the product and highlight why the wireless concept is useful for the everyday ‘Urbanista’. The influencers were given tight creative briefs to produce high quality, slick assets that had a clear focus on both the style and functionality of the product. Content was staggered on their feeds – you have to see a product approximately 11 times before converting, so it was important to ensure audiences were being exposed to Urbanista in more than just a one-off hit.

We sourced UK influencers with a wide range of audiences and styles that aligned with Urbanista’s brand archetypes, helping to create a beautifully sleek content, with a consistent brand message across not only the UK launch but the wider global launch.


Our influencers loved the product so much, that they overproduced on content in all areas, smashing KPIs hitting an average CPE of £0.10. Overall, 59 pieces of content were created – a staggering 34% over what was contracted – and impressions reached 678K, nearly double the KPI we had set.

The combination of saves (1,140) and sticker taps (7068) showed intent to purchase – when it comes to a higher price point product, the purchase decision can be a longer process – so it was important to take note of these stats throughout the duration of this campaign.

Our campaign smashed the KPI expectation and left Urbanista with a bank of glossy, high quality content to repurpose on the @urbanistalife channel. Overall the sentiment was incredibly positive, with users commenting that they would not only be ‘converted to wireless’ but also buy the Stockholm earphones instead of the leading market competitor.

As the Swedes say, ‘Ett bra jobbat job’ – or, a job well done.


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