Harry’s Product launch in the UK 

Harry’s, an American owned razor company, came to the UK and wanted to launch with a bang whilst keeping the brand messaging alive: a great shave at a good price. We used relevant thought-leaders to drive brand awareness, consideration and content through stories people would want to share and be a part of. 


Launch an already-established US brand, in the UK, through innovative influencer content which engages with the brand’s intended consumer.


The approach was simple: nail the basics through working with great influencers, who’ll share great stories through great social content.  

Through archetype analysis, Connects identified 13 influencers across Instagram who married up to the brand values of being progressive within the menswear space – allowing men across the globe to be who they want to be, not who they think they should be. This meant dads, artists and editors were all part of the activation, bringing the brand to life through engaging content.  

Each influencer chosen was a creator; someone who’s a visionary and expressive with an innate ability to bring a cultural movement to life, just like Harry’s itself. And because Instagram is the global leading social platform for Harry’s, each chosen influencer created a mixture of Instagram images, video and stories.  


The influencers chosen became genuine brand advocates, creating 33% more content than agreed on a contractual basis.  

 On Instagram, they delivered:  

– Instagram posts: Average engagement rate of 4.1% (Industry average 3%)  

– Instagram stories: An average of 8.7% open rate  

– Reach: 350K+  

– Harry’s growth: 200% increase on monthly follower growth

NB: Sales data and site traffic cannot be shared. 



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