Influencers put Shoeaholics’ best foot forward

The Shoeaholics summer campaign was all about using trusted shopping experts – aka parent and fashion influencers – to raise awareness for the offers and brands Shoeaholics have online throughout the summer, making it a convenient hub for all things affordable and stylish in footwear.


The challenge here was all about using the unique expression of influencers to break through market saturation, and promote recognition of what Shoeaholics has to offer: a collection of footwear that is carefully curated in a serviceable site that isn’t overwhelming and has something for everyone.


We identified influencers who complimented the Shoeaholics brandin both style and lifestyle on their most engaged platform (Instagram), who we thought offered an authentic and trusted voice for consumers. We used three tiers of influencers: Celebrity, Established and Emerging, in order to generate a thorough awarenessand educate the biggest demographic of loyal followers possible, on what Shoeaholics has to offer.


  • Influencers created 85%more content than required.
  • An average post and story ER rate combination of 35.45%.
  • Over 50% of the influencers had higher individual post engagement rates for their Shoeaholics content, than their average engagement rate.

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