Influencers show Giraffe are leaders of the pack for families who eat out

We teamed up with Giraffe to help them show the world that dining out family style, is easier than you might think. Giraffe are having a re design this summer moving away from ‘World Kitchen’ to be better known as a friendly restaurant with a delicious and extensive menu to make all the family ‘feel good’. We curated a team of micro-influencers, that would show young families why eating out at Giraffe, is easy, well priced and an enjoyable activity for everyone involved.


With an ever increasing number of fast, healthy, family friendly restaurant competitors to choose from, Giraffe needed to differentiate themselves from the rest of the herd. Challenges we faced were finding the right micro-influencers for the job, close to the Reading and Bristol restaurants. We had to be really focused and precise in who we chose for the job, to ensure they’d show off Giraffe’s new feel-good focus in the best way possible.


We chose influencers based on whether they were local to one of Giraffe’s newly revamped restaurants, had a young family and already enjoyed eating out. We essentially wanted to generate as much Giraffe content as we could, that exemplified what a fun filled, happy experience eating out could be, made easier because of Giraffe’s laid back atmosphere, despite the challenges of juggling young family life.


  • 48 pieces of original engaging content
  • Over 29k engagements across all content

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