Influencers “stick it to the man” for the School of Rock Musical smashing KPI targets by 60+%

School of Rock the Musical is easily the go-to theatre choice for families. During the school holiday period, the Really Useful production company wanted to raise awareness using influencer marketing, to promote this perfect opportunity to have some family fun at the theatre.

Each influencer chosen for this campaign was a lover of live performances, completely family orientated and already creating fun, witty content across their social feeds.



Our mission was simple; we sought to raise awareness around the fact that theatre tickets are not only a great gift for the festive period, but also a brilliant thing to do with your friends and family when you’re in London. The sell was easy, influencers would get to experience a performance firsthand, along with the money-can’t-buy add-on of meeting the cast backstage (and yes, we can confirm, all of the children do play the instruments themselves!)


Through relatable, fun, easygoing content we were able to bring to life what the show is all about, through trusted influencer’s social feeds.


We well and truly “stuck it to the man”, with 11 influencers who attended and created an additional bank of content across their feeds that was over 78% of the contracted amount. This overwhelmingly positive response really showed just how much they genuinely loved the show itself, the experience and the partnership.

Our influencer’s content resonated really well with their audiences, reaching 1.3M unique people and driving 640K unique engagements with a Cost-per-Engagement of £0.03p. What’s more, the influencers weren’t the only ones who loved it – there was a 100% positive sentiment with brilliant comments from influencer’s followers such as: “This really was the best show, the kids are amazing” and  “I just booked this for my boyfriend’s anniversary in Feb, I am soooo excited!”

The reason why this campaign performed as well as it did, smashing the KPIs by over 60%, was due to the carefully perfected archetypal alignment of the influencers chosen. The alignment meant that everything felt and looked natural, steering away from the possibility of  it looking like a paid to play spot because they were absolutely the type of influencers who would have attended of their own accord anyway.

Note: Sales data cannot be shared for this activation

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