Influencing your love of gifting with Very

Now that social media is such a huge part of our day to day lives, the consumer buzz around Christmas (from buyers, influencers and brands alike be a bit overwhelming). From a brand perspective, creating a campaign that truly touches people and stands out from the crowd with a lasting effect, can present itself as a real challenge. Not only this, but in recent years there has been a negative magnifying glass on Christmas as a time that encourages excessive consumerism and wastage. As the need for us all to be more aware of our choices, in order to protect our planet, the challenge around brands advertising appropriately at Christmas is even bigger. That’s why when Very came to us with their 2018 Christmas campaign #LoveGiving, in which they sought to encourage the nation to get more out of giving by finding presents that helped receivers unlock passions and talents from the gifts they were given, we knew it was going to be special.


We knew Very had a solid idea of what they wanted their campaign to represent: gift giving that comes from the heart, has lasting value and discourages excessive wastage. The biggest challenge we faced as an agency, was maintaining the advertisement of products, whilst ensuring it was mindful and campaign specific; always sticking to the idea that gifts are beginnings, sources of inspiration for undiscovered interests and loves. The hardest bit was going to be developing Very’s campaign idea into briefs for our team of Very’s always-on influencers, in a way that would enable them to cut through the saturation of generic Christmas content on Instagram, and really showcase the magic of thoughtful gift giving.


Our approach to this campaign was going to have to be unique, so instead of focusing on current trends, we encouraged influencers to talk about past loves, passions and interests, from childhood or otherwise, thus unlocking a whole new sphere of inspiration to engage their followers with. We wanted our team of influencers to showcase “the gift that helped them find their gift” as part of Very’s #LoveGiving campaign. Focusing on the emotional aspect of gift giving, our influencers showed their audience gifts that they received when they were younger that sparked hobbies or even their career, or gifts that they would give loved ones with a similar hope of inspiring.

Influencers came up with a range of creative ideas; from makeup items that triggered a love of beauty and inspired a beauty blog that turned eventually into a full-time job, to singing lessons that inspired a career on stage. Others gifted their children mini kitchen sets with the hope of inspiring their children to take a hands-on approach with cooking or gave cameras to their fathers as a thank you for inspiring their love of photography in childhood.

This emotional approach to gifting generated genuinely moving and inspiring stories that evoked an poignant connection between influencers and their audiences and placed Very at the forefront of retail brands who care about the experience of their customers.


With an emotive approach from our team of influencers, that encouraged customers to give from the heart thoughtfully, in turn cutting down on potential for wastage, the activation resulted in:

– 34 individual pieces of engaging content

– Over 629k engagements

– Almost 2M impressions

– Engagement rate of 12.02%

Sales data cannot be shared

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