Inspiring guys to put a ring on it with Fenton & Co

When it comes to popping the big question, you need a ring as unique as your partner to go with it. Fenton & Co stand out in the luxury jewellery sector; making pieces that are beautiful and honest, and they’re armed with a mission to make the whole industry more transparent, accountable and accessible. We already had a great relationship with Fenton & Co after working on their launch event with a number of female content creators; but for our next collaboration, we wanted to target the predominant audience starting to shop around for an engagement ring: the men in their lives!


Our main challenge was making sure we found partnerships that were relevant to this new target audience. We needed to select talent with long term partners they could gift with a ring, because without this, the content wouldn’t feel genuine – we wanted to capture the real reactions of their partners seeing a ring that had been designed bespoke to their tastes for the first time. Also, it was really important to choose someone who could create content that could sit across both their own channels and Fenton & Co’s channels, really taking on the tone of the luxury brand, whilst staying true to their own creative style.


We got men to open up about their relationships and talk openly about the process of choosing a ring. We did this by partnering with six influencers with varying styles to showcase the unique personalisation and simple, innovative process when creating a bespoke ring. Fenton rings are completely unique, so the influencers went through the whole process of designing a one-off ring – each with a personal inscription to reflect their relationship. This was then emphasised in the content to further demonstrate the completely bespoke nature of the design process.


We exceeded all of our KPIs, achieving 165K engagements against our set KPI of 23K, as well as reaching an average engagement rate of 6% (industry average tends to be around 2%). Our results showed intent to purchase with over 5K sticker taps to Fenton & Co’s Instagram page. On top of all this, our six men created a beautiful bank of content for Fenton & Co to repurpose on their own channels – with six very different rings further cementing just how bespoke the process can be.

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