Jo Malone London #DeclareYourScent

Last summer, Jo Malone London were celebrating six of their signature scents. From Rosie Fortescue to Lydia Millen, Jo Malone London aren’t shy when it comes to working with brand-aligh celebrities and influencers alike. However, having never worked with nano influencers before, they decided the unique authenticity of influencers with a less inflated following of around 2k would be the perfect next move to spread the word about their scents, so we were tasked with generating a database of nano influencers that could be used as storytellers to showcase which of these perfumes were their favourites, and why.

The reasoning for this was simple: to incentivise brand loyalty. We knew from social listening that everyone chosen to be part of the nano influencer database was already a brand advocate; each influencer identified had already engaged with the brand one way or another, be it via liking online, creating content for or purchasing Jo Malone London. So instead of forcing new relationships, existing ones were nurtured: Jo Malone London’s nano influencers were being recognised and rewarded by a brand they know and love.

In addition to being part of an authentic network of brand advocates, each nano influencer chosen was a content creator in their own right, producing all kinds of videos, stills or editorials, so they were able to work as an extension of the existing Jo Malone London creative team. Collectively, they produced a bank of assets for owned and paid feeds in a cost effective way. Another added bonus to Jo Malone London using nano influencers, was the ability to hyper-localise and target key market areas of interest, such as the Taiwan, the USA and Germany, that already had naturally existing networks of brand advocates.

With all this in mind, the campaign #DeclareYourScent was born. We gifted our carefully selected influencers a bottle of their own choice of fragrance, to then create content for their feeds to showcase their declared scent and what they love about the product and the brand.


The task to create a nano influencer network made up of influencers who were already loyal and dedicated Jo Malone London advocated, across multiple territories proved to be the biggest challenge. We wanted each influencer to create original content that was both true to their feed and to the brand, with the intention of creating long lasting relationships and extending the Jo Malone London Family.


We initially created a database of 360 nano influencers that spanned across multiple key markets, and later whittled it down using statistics that would produce the best campaign results possible for Jo Malone London, to 70 nano influencers across three key market areas.  This process meant we could ensure the maximum amount of social traffic on Instagram as possible, showcasing each of the different fragrances from specific individual perspectives. The influencers were all given a choice of fragrance, which were then all shipped at the same time to ensure the most noise in a small period of time. We challenged them to use the #DeclareYourScent hashtag on their feeds and stories to make the campaign recognisable and showcase the multiple different fragrances.



The core objective of this campaign was to create a nano influencer network in different territories that had potential longevity of use for Jo Malone London, and to create a pool of new content from nano influencers that the brand had not worked with before. Through our careful selection process of picking the right people for the job, we onboarded 70 influencers who between them created 122 pieces of content – both still photography and video content – reaching over 230,000 people in the UK, USA and Germany with an overall campaign engagement rate of 12.5%.

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