Launching #MyHKT With Shoppable Influencer Content

The best way to launch a new brand? Use relevant influencers to drive immediate awareness that the brand has landed whilst creating content that drives direct to consumer and in this case, for this audience, via Instagram. This is exactly what we did to launch Hackett’s new brand; HKT which is aimed at a younger, socially savvy audience in both the UK and Spain.

It was imperative as this was a new brand that rather than just influencer for influencers sake that the content created for the brand lived their brand ethos so potential customers could understand the brand from the off, whilst creating an stream social content for owned, earned and paid channels. The brand is around the lifestyle , not just style based content, so our brief was around building a cultural hub: @HKTLDN as the place to come for coffee reccs, exhibition news and the latest playlists (all whilst dressing your best).


The biggest challenge we faced was the complete newness of the brand. Whilst this was exciting and fresh, we were launching the campaign with no heritage we needed to do more than just create content – this was about writing a story from scratch and ensuring their customers understood the brand launch, as well as those that we on-boarded to the brand.

We worked with influencers based in the UK and Spain across a range of tiers, from people with 5K followers through to those with 200K followers, giving us the opportunity to use data post campaign competition to analyse which tier was able to respond best to the brief against the set out KPIs. This approach ensured content was varied with a range of shots – from street style to flat lays – that felt lifestyle focused, instead of monotonous and too style-centric.


Despite being the first team to work with HKT from an influencer marketing perspective, we found that the campaign felt concurrently novel and comfortable, since relationships formed between ourselves, HKT and the influencers involved were authentic. The talent involved genuinely loved wearing the clothing and were especially pleased to share their own stories and styles as the very first HKT wearers. This campaign enthusiasm is evident in the content all influencers over delivered on – some are even continuing to post images and tag @HKTLDN weeks after the activation launched! Our biggest takeaway from this activation was proving it’s than possible for established heritage brands to branch out into new customer bases, with the help of social.


Data wise, the results were overwhelming. The campaign impressions and post engagements surpassed their KPIs by double, with 542K impressions and just shy of 60K unique engagements. Thanks to initial work to align the right influencers with this campaign and build up meaningful relationships, we were able to over-deliver on content by 94%; our influencers were contracted to deliver 18 pieces of content and ended up giving us 35 pieces. This resulted in a cost-per-engagement of £0.12, raising awareness of the brand to a targeted audience with a reach of nearly 60k – more than double the KPI – driving plenty of traffic to their site and giving them a huge bank of Instagram content to write the rest of HKT’s story with.

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