Zavvi Campaign slashes industry standard CPE rate – That’s All Folks!

Hailed as the home of Pop Culture, Zavvi is the online store where film, TV, gaming, music & comic book culture meet. Zavvi customers are able to shop across all their favourite franchises; with fantastic deals, Zavvi exclusives, and the largest range of officially licensed merch. We were really excited when Zavvi came to us to help them launch their latest Looney Tunes collaboration with ACME, using content creators who loved the cartoon and understood the heritage behind the animated institution. We wanted to use influencers who could bring to life the product range, whilst simultaneously driving mass reach for the activation. This campaign was less about pushing product onto the backs of people, and more about using influencers to highlight the fun, entertaining aspects of the product line.


The biggest challenge we faced was around making sure that the activation remained as authentic as possible. It was important to us that we focused on raising awareness of the product through genuinely aligned accounts, be them meme accounts or influencer focused accounts, who would truly understand the creative brief and go the extra mile to promote a line of fun and fan-worthy accessories.


To launch the campaign, we identified three different types of influencers that had feeds appropriate for Zavvi orientated Looney Tunes content, and that genuinely aligned to Zavvi’s company archetypes. The first of these influencer categories was meme accounts; a vertical that would focus on the humorous side of content creation, making culturally relevant and timely content to gain a significantly large reach.  The second type of influencers we worked with were fashion-based influencers, who could show the quirky style and uniform fit of the product, with their own personal flare; each of them bringing out the fun, playful elements of the products by marrying them up to their unique personalities. Our final category of identified influencers were die-hard fans, o-g “ACME” enthusiasts, longtime lovers of the Looney Tunes brand, who loved and talked about the product authentically anyway, and would want to be the first in their community to debut the content.


After category identification, a total of 11 influencers were onboarded from the three respective categories, to showcase the product launch in their own way. The influencers were all briefed to post content that best applied to their audience – for example, one of our meme pages tapped into Love Island as a cultural moment whilst weaving in the brand, as they knew it would drive mass appeal with their slightly younger-skewed audience. Our die-hard fan vertical went a step further and created flat-lay content with illustrations of the characters to tap into the nostalgic element of the range. Our team of fashion-focused influencers showed how to style up the Looney Tunes range and injected fun into their wardrobe, positioning the items in a stylish yet kitsch way with their fashion-savvy audiences.


The aim of the campaign was the build a hype machine that would push the limited edition 7-day sale of the product line, so our main focus was on securing influencers that would really boost excitement and buzz. The activation was a roaring success. We were given an initial engagement KPI of 17K but instead we managed to surpass this by a staggering 1681% because the content was received positively globally. Due to the specific identification of cost-effective influencer categories, we also managed to achieve a cost-per-engagement of just £0.01, whilst the industry average for e-commerce is £0.25.


This campaign was the perfect example of how thorough planning, yet simple execution is the key to effective influencer marketing. Are you thinking about working with influencers? Drop us a line at info@seenconnects.com and we’ll be happy to chat.

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