#LoveGiving at Christmas with Very

Off the back of their 2016 success, Very re-launched its #LoveGiving campaign, encouraging members of the public to nominate someone they felt deserved the prize of a lifetime.

Connects were brought on-board to inspire and enable people to gift over the Christmas period, creating an emotive connection to this time of year through Very and their #LoveGiving activation.



Partner Very with both emerging and established influencers, as part of the campaign, to nominate a loved one and encourage their communities – both local and afar, offline and online – to get involved.



It was key that all influencers chosen for this activation were matched up to the ‘Care Giver’ archetype, ensuring they formed the most brand appropriate emotional connection.

Recruiting influencers both Connects & Very had worked with previously enabled Very to build on positive relationships, incite brand familiarity within the influencers’ communities and turn influencers into brand advocates. The influencers’ families were all heavily involved, adding a layer of authenticity to the partnership and further showing the close relationship the influencers now have with Very.

And, in true 2017 style – video was the core focus of the campaign due to its proven track record with consumers, including Very’s own, stressing the relevance of the #LoveGiving ideation, campaign and execution.  With the majority of Very’s audience sat on Facebook, this was the core platform – creating a hub of content for the entire #LoveGiving campaign.

Influencers then shared video content across their Instagram feeds, thus maximising the amount of entries.



With the primary focus being on Facebook, and video being the key success metric, the #LoveGiving campaign delivered:

-806k Campaign video views

– Accounting for over 5% of total the campaign’s social traffic

– Above industry average Instagram Video engagement rate of 16.6%

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