#Lovingincolour: Launching Ethical Luxury with Fenton & Co

Where do our diamonds really come from? How are gemstones sourced? Fenton & Co are a new jewellery brand with a difference, who are aiming to make the luxury space accessible and transparent.

Fenton ensure all of their gemstones are sourced ethically, showing clarity on where their jewellery comes from and how it’s made. Fenton will only source from countries that have fair labour laws – and most importantly; it’s one of the few businesses, particularly in the jewellery industry, where the women are paid more than men. We’re sold!

Fenton asked us to help them launch in the UK and spread awareness for their brand. We wanted to ensure that we could communicate these values direct to influencers, who, once onboarded, would be able to drive mass awareness of the new brand to relevant audiences.  We came up with the idea of hosting an intimate influencer brunch with key content creators – each of which would work with Fenton on a long-term, ongoing basis. This way we could ensure that relationships between the brand and influencers alike were not only authentic, but drove genuine, lasting connection.


Being a new brand, we had to educate influencers enough about Fenton to raise awareness of who they are, what makes them different and enable them to stand out amongst other established and traditional jewellers. Our second challenge was making sure the influencers we chose for this initial activation truly represented the brand persona of Fenton. Fenton are a brand built on diversity, sustainability, ethics and female empowerment, so it was really important we adhered to that heritage and brought to life their USPs by choosing a team of influencers who reflected those values.  Not only that – our influencers had to be of a luxury tier; followed by high net worth individuals that could, in turn, become Fenton customers.


We invited a small group of key influencers that represented the brand’s core values of female empowerment, diversity and ethics. Our team of influencers would have the opportunity to design their own unique ring at the event; and would each represent a different gemstone based on each influencer’s corresponding archetype, ensuring content would be varied and personal. The process of designing your own, special ring is unique, modern and incredibly innovative – so we needed to ensure this was made clear in their content.

We chose to host our event at the Ennismore, a brand new event location in central London – as this was a luxury brand, with celebrity tier influencers, we needed to provide an experience that was not only in line with the brand messaging; but gave them exclusive access to a space not yet open to the masses.

We wanted our influencers to really get to know the brand and be immersed in it – so we introduced each of them directly to the founder of Fenton so they could be onboarded directly from the CEO herself. Each influencer was given a unique pendant upon arrival at the event with an engraving of a quote that applied to them personally. For example, Frankie Bridge – a mental health advocate – was given a pendant that read ‘Speak Out, Be Open’ inspired by her upcoming book surrounding the importance of being vocal about our mental health struggles.


In the two hours the influencers were at the event, we achieved 1.6M total impressions, onboarded influencers to the brand (“They’re the only brand that will let you know where your gem is sourced from… I’m in love!” – Dina Tokio) and grew @fentonandco’s social following by 16%

We onboarded luxury and celebrity influencers to the brand who could communicate Fenton’s brand values to an audience that could convert to a customer base

Influencers went above and beyond on content creation, posting a whopping 250% additional content above brief, due to the unique experience they got to be a part of and their true enthusiasm for the new brand.

All influencers raved about the event, with 100% positive sentiment:

  • “I’m in love – thank you so much for such a wonderful and inspiring morning – the ethics and morals of this brand are just incredible!” – Dina Tokio
  • “I can’t get over how beautiful they all are! All of the rings are bespoke – you can fully customise your own.” – Yanin Namasonthi
  • “We met the founder & creator of the jewellery brand, Laura – who is the most inspiring woman ever. I was honoured to be asked to be involved in this event!” – Samantha Maria

Influencers highlighted how the intimacy of the event – with experiences tailored to each of the individuals – was different to anything they’d ever experienced with other brands, and immediately helped to sell in Fenton and its values

Their followers were sold on it, too – there were over 13K sticker taps on @fentonandco, taking users straight through to Fenton’s Instagram Page, helping raise awareness of the new brand

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