Ermenegildo Zegna launch their Tiziano sneaker collection using brand-relevant influencers

As a luxury fashion retailer, identifying and creating content with the right type of influencer has never been more important. Using creative and engaging influencers across the UK and US allowed Zegna to appeal to a wider offering of its customer base, as well as curate a collection of content which has engaging artistic and stylistic distinctions.


Zegna saw the launch of their new Tiziano sneaker range as an opportunity to do two things: raise awareness of the brand, which is closely associated with HNWI’s, and to inspire new audiences to style their sneakers differently, predominantly in a way that engages a younger audience through street style messaging.


Influencers chosen had a global audience to reflect Zegna’s customer base; the campaign split influencers into two sections: shot by Zegna and seeded by Zegna. This allowed the brand to measure two results of styling Zegna as a complete look, or as part of your own style.


At the core, the influencers chosen for the activation were crucial – they had to truly embody the brand from an archetypal point of view to drive engagement, but from a totally authentic brand point of view. As Zegna has such a rich and dense heritage, it seemed only right that the influencers chosen were unique, distinct and closely aligned to the personality of the Italian brand. Each influencer chosen for the activation was then partnered with the brand, whether it be for a day’s shoot or through product seeding, transforming the Tiziano sneaker campaign from being just another “paid to post” activation into an opportunity for a luxury brand to form meaningful, long-lasting relationships with influencers.


  • This activation resulted in 100% positive sentiment and fostered long-term relationships between the brand and influencers, which drove a 29% increase in planned campaign content.
  • Content out-performed industry benchmarks on both owned and earned feeds, driving a CPE of 0.03p and an average engagement rate of 18% (industry benchmark is 4%).
  • In addition, the campaign drove a 68% WoW increase in Instagram following, when influencers posted about the brand, solidifying awareness and positive sentiment.


NB: sales and traffic data cannot be shared for this activation.

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