M&S Launch an at-home delivery service

Deliveroo, UberEats, Just-Eat – food to your door, has never been easier! But, in the last year alone, views of food and recipe content grew 59% and social engagement (likes, comments and shares) on food channels rose by 118%. So, what happens when M&S Food launch their own at-home delivery solution?


With a number of competitors to choose from, M&S Food needed to stand out from the crowd and raise instant awareness for their at-home food solution. Using their platform, you can order your dinner to your office, or all the ingredients for a specific meal. As this was being rolled out on a city to city basis, Connects needed to be hyper targeted in its influencer plans to drive consideration within the right audiences.


There are four stores offering M&S Food’s at-home delivery – each influencer was chosen as part of the launch activation not only because they had busy lifestyles, but also because they were hyper localized to the stores in terms of their following.

For the soft-launch, Connects engaged 5 influencers who were local to the stores, promoting the two core services:

1) M&S Foodhall delivery

2) M&S Click and Collect

The goal was to encourage their audiences to trial the services, spreading word of mouth and resulting in comments such as “I had no idea M&S had this service! Those tacos look deeelicious! Thanks for sharing this, I am ordering it right now”.

Our approach was to talk about the offering, tap into the Instagram foodies who share their meals and recipes whilst encouraging people to test the new service.


We partnered with 5 macro-influencers in the localized areas who delivered the following results for the M&S Food:

– 38 pieces of original Instagram content, resulting in a 72% increase in the contracted content as each influencer involved was a true brand advocate and genuinely excited by M&S Foods offering emphasizing the need to work with the right influencers who embody the brand.

–  10% average engagement rate on content, surpassing industry average for macro influencers of 4-5%.

Resulting in a cost-per-engagement (CPE) of 0.016p.

– 100% positive sentiment for the launch, with interest in the service exceeding objectives.

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