Nike Europe YouTube Research

Knowing your audience and where they’re consuming their content enable you to have an authentic partnership one thats crucial.

“Identifying the right influencers is the biggest challenge when rolling out an influencer engagement strategy” however we supported Nike allowing them to understand their Young Athletes in order to nurture andĀ support their always-on marketing plans.


Initial research identified YouTube as the core platform for Nike’s Young Athletes, Nike wanted to empower that community from the age of 10 to be part of their brand experience.

In order to know how to engage on Youtube, we needed to know how they were using the platform and therefore – we asked them!

Connects hosted a series of focus groups with Nike’s Young Athletes and their parents in France, Germany and the UK to identify the behaviours across each gender and market.


Our approach was to host focus groups and to track the trending behaviours around 10-year-old aspiring athletes on the platform, this enables us to track influencers, content type and upcoming trends in each core market.

Our data analytics team identified and pulled together a research identification piece on the following:

– Digital Trends for Young Athletes per market
– YouTube insights for Young Athletes
– Gender/ regional attitudes – what content appeals to who
– Parental attitudes around their children and social platforms
– Archetype match up for influencers in London, Paris & Berlin


This work has then gone on to tailor and adapt Nike’s marketing plans for Young Athletes in 2017.

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