How Very Revamped Press Events

Very are one of our longstanding, always-on clients, so we were super excited when they approached us for some help on curating an innovative, memorable event involving the team of brand-specific influencers we had built with them. For this event, we decided to combine the fun of an old-school PR event, with the modernity of influencer connectivity, and collaborated with ITV channels for a studio tour and fashion show extravaganza. Our network of Very influencers are ITV talk shows’ key demographic, meaning the collaboration would be mutually beneficial as well as being a unique and unforgettable experience that was specifically tailored to their interests.


Nowadays, we are all constantly consuming more content than ever before, from numerous different sources, which means it’s becoming more of a challenge for brands to catch, and keep the attention of customers, and influencers alike. Brands like Very know how important their influencer team is to maintaining customer trust and loyalty in the ever-modernising face of consumption, so always saying thank you for the work their influencers do, is at the forefront of Very’s minds. We wanted to cut through the lacklustre barrage of PR events influencers are invited to daily, and use the privilege brands have of offering their influencers an experience money can’t buy. We needed to make sure this event would catch and keep the attention of Very’s influencer team, in turn sparking inspiration in their customers.


In order to make this an experience that truly excited Very’s team of influencers, we approached the organisation of this event from a human perspective, focusing on the people behind the Instagram accounts. Luckily, we have been building Very’s influencer team with them from the start, which gave us an upper hand in understanding their interests, hobbies and passions, meaning we could really tailor the experience to their enjoyment. Having watched all of their content religiously, we knew our team of influencers were big ITV fans, and the perfect talk show demographic, so we collaborated with ITV to give them an exclusive tour of the This Morning studios, followed by a limited invite premier fashion show of Very’s new Autumn Winter ‘18 collection, with a follow up Q&A hosted by Lisa Snowdon. We always prioritised the genuine interest of Very’s influencer team, and made sure the experience was personal, never generic, and always innovative.


The core objective of this project was to reignite excitement amongst the team of influencers we work with alongside Very all the time, to nurture and maintain those relationships. This time, things were primarily about bonding, so content and data was a secondary objective. The overlap of Very’s target audience and This Morning’s key demographic was significant and boosted post-event, which gave us confidence that the team of influencer’s we’d built for Very is archetypally accurate for the brand. The influencers who attended the event were under no contractual obligation to create or post any content, but despite this, 58 pieces of Earned Content were produced at the event, resulting in over 300,000 engagements. The feedback we got from the event was exclusively positive because influencers felt listened to, humanised and understood. It’s safe to say their excitement about working with Very was well and truly reinvigorated.

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