School of Rock the Musical

With one of every 90s kids favourite films becoming a smash hit musical on the West End it provided the perfect excuse to rock out with one of our favourite musical talents, Don Broco. Instead of just inviting them down to see the show we asked them to pick up their instruments and show the stars of the show what they got!


School of Rock Musical wanted to produce original content in partnership with the right creators, i.e. bona fide Rock Gods. By doing so they added an influencer layer to their launch, gaining a further awareness driver among fans of the film. Anyone can go see a show and rave about it but how many bands get to play a secret gig on stage with songs from one of the best soundtracks ever?!


Don Broco, a band which found fame through social media and is notorious for coming to their fans houses to liven up a house party, played a secret gig with the kids of School of Rock the Musical. It was important to ensure a shared love of rock music was paired with a strong social following to drive awareness of the musicals launch. Not only was this a surprise for the audience but inspired the cast of the musical making for an even more magical night.

We brought down some additional influencers to capture the moment who are also fans of the band and film, keen to capture this once in a lifetime moment.

We knew this partnership would go done well, but it’s not clear who had more fun rocking to the School of Rock soundtrack, the kids or the band!


Coming soon!

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