SuperCarers: Social Sharing Is Caring

Influencers very often get a bad rep for promoting things they don’t necessarily believe in, even though 57% of influencers would like to work with brands whose values are in alignment with theirs. Since the world of social media is still very much in its infancy, reputation tends to supersede fact, so for a startup brand like SuperCarers – that is built on empathy and trust – it’s increasingly difficult to trust the system of influencer marketing.

If you haven’t heard of SuperCarers yet it’s a bit like Uber but for healthcare professionals; if you need a carer last minute or your schedule is too hectic to organize round the clock care, SuperCarers can get a trusted, vetted carer to your door. Despite being in their early days, SuperCarers are already disrupting a relatively untouched space. While SuperCarers were already on Facebook, their audience demographic is primarily 40+ years who need to find care for their parents, and with one of Instagram’s largest age brackets being 35-40 years, they came to us with the intent of launching their Instagram social channel, using an influencer to do so.


Given that SuperCarers ethos is very much one of genuine empathy, perhaps the biggest challenge we faced was making sure the influencer partnership was (and came across as) authentic while engaging with an older audience. When a brand launches on social, they often initially grow a following organically, but because the target age group demographic on Instagram is slightly less prevalent, the approach needed to be more targeted – so it was essential to make sure nothing came across as fake.

It was also challenging to create content for the feed without using stock photos of elderly people and nurses that could come across as patronizing, so creating content that was more personal, supportive, text-based, or illustration orientated seemed more appropriate designed to develop a community ensuring that those that follow feel supported and know they’re not alone.


Delving into our large bank of influencers we’ve worked with before, Kelly Terranova was the ideal choice, given that she knows all about how incredibly difficult it is to find the right carer for a loved one – her mother was diagnosed with Huntington disease when she was 18.

Working with Kelly, we collaboratively came up with the idea of competition that she would promote via her own Instagram. The competition would drive awareness for SuperCarers by calling on participants to nominate someone they knew who has cared for a loved one, or is a professional carer so that the winning carer nominated could win a well-deserved holiday. Kelly told the story of the carer who helped her mum, which appealed to her audience emotionally, drove awareness for SuperCarers and accentuated the authenticity of this partnership.

This was to align with Kelly’s approach to social. She gave her fee for the activation back to the carer as she wanted to champion businesses and individuals that ease the healthcare space.


The aim of this partnership was to launch SuperCarer’s Instagram channel, appealing to those that may be in need of a carer or feeling like they’re part of a community of carers. Followers of Kelly had previously needed care for their loved one or had a carer currently so the competition whilst highly targeted, was well received with 63 unique entries. Due to the heartfelt nature of the competition, other influencers who’ve experienced carers and the care system in the UK promoted SuperCarers handle such as @mrs_izzyjudd who has a following of over 258k. This meant that SuperCarers handle reached an audience of over 50% Kelly’s total social following.

In addition, SuperCarers service was explained on her blog allowing others in need of a carer to discover the platform which increased visibility through search and SEO.

The eventual competition winner was delighted and shared her joy on her social channels, pushing further reach. SuperCarer founders said: “This was a really interesting test for us to run. Kelly was absolutely the right influencer and we were able to benefit from the strength of relationship Connects has with her as part of their network. Not just in terms of the fee but more importantly in the understanding of what we were trying to achieve and so the tone of voice and approach being a perfect match for our brand. This was successful and is definitely something we will look to do again in future.”

This campaign was the perfect example of how important true archetypal alignment is, and proves that if a partnership is authentic, influencers will come across as such and followers will engage enthusiastically.

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