Superdry Summer Campaign

Superdry came to us looking for support on their global #ThisIsMyCity campaign. From Europe to the US to China – this was an activation that truly stretched its arms to every corner of the world and we were there every step of the way.


Superdry is more than a fashion brand; it’s all about bringing to life all four of its verticals: fashion, music, sport and travel.

Over the summer period, we supported Superdry on their This Is My City campaign which was all around experiencing new cultures, celebrating the cities you love whilst creating content to make everyone feel involved in their brand values.

There were two core pillars to the campaign:

• City Swap: 4 influencers experienced 3 new cities whilst creating Superdry looks and city recommendations on the go

• City Events: 6 events held across the globe, creating music based experiences with emerging artists


Over a 12-week period, we sent influencers from LA to NYC, NYC to London and London to Shanghai, hosted rooftop parties in key cities such as NYC and took over iconic clubs in cities around Europe, such as Berlin and London. This was a truly global activation, allowing influencers to travel, style unique looks and catch up whilst attending festivals and pop-up music events in collaboration with MixMag.

There were 154 influencers involved in Superdry’s summer campaign who were all aligned to Superdry’s values; celebrating the inherently British brand’s diversity and versatility whilst constantly pushing themselves to do and experience more.


This campaign drove the following for Superdry:

– Management of 154 influencers on a global level

– Creating real-brand experiences saw a 71 % increase in content produced against contracted agreements, showing influencers’ migration from brand awareness to brand advocacy

– 1,244 unique pieces of content created and shared across influencers’ feeds

– Engaged over 1M unique potential and existing consumers

– Generated a potential reach of 17M

– All content generated an average engagement rate of 4.5% on influencers’ feeds

– Influencers’ content increased Superdry’s average engagement rate from 0.9% to 1.1%

– Increased Superdry’s combined social following (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) by 32.6K

– Sell-out lines when influencers were featured in product



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