Very #LiveMore Influencer campaign

This campaign targeted women who have one too many things on their plate, women who are constantly putting other people first and feel as if they’re always playing catch-up on life. Sound familiar?

#LiveMore encouraged these women to take time, decide what’s important and put family, passion and life first.


With countless online destinations for women to shop fashion, homeware and tech products in 2017, the #LiveMore campaign was designed to put inspiration, fun and more importantly, life back into the audience’s hourly dose of social.

Connects set out to identify influencers who not only fit Very’s target audience, but strongly resonated with the #LiveMore campaign message and were who other women looked to for advice, inspiration and community.


To ensure the #LiveMore campaign generated prolonged awareness and consideration, Connects delivered a 3 month, always-on approach which also saw a hero piece of brand content, featuring @Mother_Of_Daughters that challenged audience perceptions of Very and sustained momentum throughout summer.

Identifying 9 admired and trusted faces in the fashion and lifestyle world, the campaign championed emerging, engaged and established influencers – working with them to share their pick of Very’s SS17 range that would enable their community of women to #LiveMore.


Awareness and recognition were achieved, as the #LiveMore campaign delivered:

– 41 pieces of influencer content, 42% increase in agreed amount.
– An average engagement rate of 6.6%, 120% above industry average.
–  675k unique engagements across owned and earned feeds.
– 192% increase in Instagram traffic on Very’s owned feed.
– This Is Mothership: For every £1 spent, Very saw a return of £11.
– Facebook: 77% increase in Very’s weekly growth during the campaign.



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