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Influencer contract must have: morality clause

We’re sharing our recommended morality and break clauses, which you should be using in all influencer contracts.

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Influencer marketing trends for 2018

Your definitive list of trends to copy and paste over the next 12-18 months, which are going to play a role in redefining what it means to be an influencer, agent or brand working with talent in 2018.

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When do influencers need representing?

It’s the hot topic of conversation right now, with leading influencers parting ways with leading talent management firms. We decided to have a deep dive and ask the question: when do, if indeed ever, influencers really need their own management?

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Is blogging dead?

Are you logging off blogging? We asked bloggers, vloggers and content creators across the UK, US and Western Europe what they think about the once famed medium.

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What do influencers think of influencer marketing?

You’ve probably heard what many people, including us, think about influencer marketing. But in our new video – it’s time to hear from the influencers themselves.

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Measuring the ROI of influencers

Everyone wants to make sure they’re going to see a return in business – granted. Here are four measurement techniques that can help you safeguard ROI when working with influencers.

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Are you paying influencers too much money?

It’s a question we’re always asked. Read our latest white paper to find out how much you should be paying influencers and what the investment is truly worth.

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Fraudulent influencer behaviour

This white paper delves into the world of Instagram and explores the current phenomenon of fraudulent influencers. We look at the ways in which Instagram is tackling the issue of phoney users and how brands need to start doing the same.

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Want to know why Connects exists?

If you want to know more about Connects and how we do things differently, from archetypes to tracking. Watch our video on why we exist.

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Snapchat Vs Instagram Stories

Ever wondered if your brand should be on Instagram Stories or Snapchat, or both? We surveyed 200 influencers to see what they think, what they use and why.

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