BBC Breakfast: What does the future hold for the Love Island finalists?

Tonight is bittersweet; it is the Love Island Finale which means the wait is over on who will be crowned the winning couple but it also means, it’s all over (until winter when it’s now rumored to be on our screens not once, but twice a year after it received an additional £8M above their advertisement target).

This morning over on BBC Breakfast, our Managing Director; Sedge Beswick sat down with dumped Islander; Yewande to talk about life after the villa. For those of you that missed it, these are the key things we spoke through:

–       Islanders with over 1M followers should be able to charge upwards of £3K per Instagram post

–       Islanders can make money after the final through public appearances, brand collaborations and sponsorship deals on platforms such as Instagram.

–       Longevity comes with great management, thinking about the long-term gain vs the overnight success. Islanders should be thinking about partnerships past a single Instagram post, like last year’s Dani Dyer who’s still partnering with In The Style 12 months later. Dani has hosted the BAFTAs and launched a book, as well as doing guest appearances and social paid posts which has reportedly resulted in a turnover of £1.7M in the 12 months since leaving the show.

And, from an Islander’s perspective, Yewande was of the view that ITV have been immensely helpful with their duty of care after leaving the show, offering support with trolls but also with how to be commercially minded to maximise the opportunities available.

Yewande went into the Villa with 1K followers and now has 771K followers, with an engagement rate of 16.4%, and has already appeared in campaigns for publishers such as Glamour Magazine; #BlendItOut.

The most followed Islander was an influencer before entering the villa and has grown her following from 25K to 2.2M maintaining a 10% engagement rate across her channels.

So, does it work? According to Neilson, brands see an 11x return when working with influencers. Over at SEEN Connects, our fashion clients have seen upwards of a 17x return.

Huge thank you to BBC Breakfast for inviting us onto the show this morning!