Five tips for activating influencer marketing this Christmas

We know, we know – you’re still being bombarded by holiday spam and you’re not quite ready to trade your Aperol Spritz for mulled wine – but if you want to be a merry marketer this December, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.


Yes, the festive season is an incredibly crowded space, but there’s no denying it provides unrivalled opportunity for brands to reach and engage with the 70% of internet users who would rather learn about a product via content than traditional advertising, during a time that most marketers label their most important trading moment of the year.


Studies conducted in the US indicate that influencer marketing delivers on average $6.50 for every $1 which is invested and at Connects we have seen a return as high as £11.20 for every £1 spent. So it’s time to be savvy with your Christmas marketing spend and follow our top tips for making sure that your brand’s conversion rate tops your competitor’s wish list this December.


  1. Plan ahead:

The sooner you secure influencers for your Christmas campaign, the better chance you have to create thumb-stopping content that engages and ultimately, drives ROI. Lots of brands will be looking for exclusivity clauses when contracting influencers for their Christmas campaigns, so chase the pack and you could end up left outside in the cold.


  1. Be strategic:

We take a long-term view of influencer relationships. We believe success is driven by partnering brands with the right influencers, not just those with the greatest reach. We also think that value can be created by nurturing, developing and supporting emerging influencers at the early stages of their career. Authentic, co-authored partnerships will resonate, one off product placement-style badging exercises won’t.


  1. Ensure your influencers are genuinely representative of your brand’s personality and values:

At Connects, we use archetypes to inform our approach – our archetypal characters represent fundamental human needs and desires, providing a way for brands to anchor themselves to something which is already embedded in the human subconscious. Identifying a brand’s archetype makes it easier to understand and engage with, while it also means we can identify influencers who mirror that brand archetype, to ensure that we create the most relevant and genuine relationships, to produce the most creative and engaging content.


  1. Consider your brand experience:

Gift guides are great – we’ve all turned to them for help after hours of tirelessly scrolling to find something for our mother in law but try to think beyond just your product. What do you want consumers to feel about your brand? What do you want them to think and do as a result of your Christmas campaign?


  1. Make sure your campaign measurement really means something:

We’re committed to ensuring that every campaign we create is data-driven and measurable. We tailor our tracking and evaluation plans, because measurement shouldn’t be one size fits all – we work closely with our clients to understand what success really looks like for them, to create a bespoke approach to tracking that meets those needs.


Wondering how best to achieve your marketing goals this Christmas? Let’s chat!