Our Approach

Our approach focuses on three core elements (click below to reveal more):

Using archetypes to inform our approach.

Our Archetypal characters represent fundamental human needs and desires, providing a way for brands to anchor themselves to something already embedded within the human subconscious. Identifying a brand archetype makes it easier to understand and engage with. This also enables us to identify influencers who mirror that brand archetype, so those we recommend are genuinely representative of the brand’s personality and values. This approach creates the most relevant and genuine relationships, to produce the most creative and engaging content.

Investing to unlock potential.

At Connects, we take a long-term view of influencer relationships. We believe success is driven by partnering brands with the right influencers, not those with the greatest reach. We also think that value can be created by nurturing, developing and supporting emerging influencers at the early stages of their career. Our database is full of creative and authentic influencers who seek genuine relationships to drive compelling content.

Measurement that really means something.

We’re committed to ensuring that every campaign we create is data-driven and measurable. We tailor our tracking and evaluation plans, because measurement shouldn’t be one size fits all; so we work closely with our clients to understand what success really looks like for them and create a bespoke approach to tracking that meets those needs.