Always-On: Creating Brand Advocates With Littlewoods

To nearly all British natives, Littlewoods is a household name. Founded in 1923, Littlewoods has been operating for a near century, which in today’s retail climate, is incredibly impressive. They have always adapted their operations to the trends of the time, and in the 90s the business had grown to become the largest private company in Europe. Littlewoods now operate solely as an online retailer, selling big brands to a targeted demographic, through a unique credit system that allowed customers to split payments how they choose.


The challenge Littlewoods presented us with, was to work with influencers in order to target an older audience demographic, using key products dependent on Littlewoods’ core focus. Working with influencers is often a move many brands make to reach a younger demographic of customers, so we saw this as an excellent opportunity to prove archetypal alignment works, even when targeting 35 to 50-year-old females.

Our main goal was to drive awareness of Littlewoods, inspiring brand loyalty and consideration. We also sought to shed light on the wide range of products on offer from fashion to home, whilst also following through with sales encouragement.


We created a tiered, always-on framework for working with influencers, from Early Tier, at around 75K followers on their chosen platform, to Elite influencers, such as Queen Of The Jungle and Jacqueline Jossa – all of whom aligned to their Littlewoods’ brand archetypes of Caregiver and Lover. We worked closely with Littlewoods to build tailored product briefs every single month, with support from our creative team to bring ideas to life, creating best-in-class content for a range of social platforms which could then be used across owned, earned and paid.


Usually when we work on always-on campaigns, we set specific KPIs so that influencers understand the targets they’re striving towards, set by the brand, as well as getting to know the content that performs best for them. This way, the campaign becomes a two-way relationship that benefits everyone involved, over a long-term basis. However, for our Littlewoods campaign, we wanted influencers to create without boundaries, and as a result always-on team created an average of 100+ pieces of unique content every single month, which generated a staggeringly low average cost per engagement of £0.02p; the average for this age demographic is £0.25p.

The overall campaign period prompted 64k visits to site with 80% new customers.

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