Bottled It: Tommee Tippee Empower Parents’ Feeding Journeys

The World Health Organisation provides the official advice that breastfeeding is the recommended form of feeding a baby. Whilst they now do support the idea that bottle feeding should be guilt-free, there is a woeful lack of information or support available for parents on how to bottle feed their child.

Tommee Tippee wanted to support the parenting community in their feeding journeys via a creative campaign that encourages both storytelling and authenticity. We launched #BottledIt – a creative campaign to encourage parents not to bottle up their stories, and to provide a platform where parents can share their bottle-feeding journeys, loud and proud.


We wanted to highlight how every parent’s feeding journey is unique – because no two babies, births or parents are the same, and the early months of any child’s life brings a multitude of hurdles and complications that can be difficult to overcome – especially when there is pressure to do everything a certain way.

We also simultaneously wanted to showcase the second-to-none ‘breast-like’ features of Tommee Tippee’s iconic feeding bottles and demonstrate the ease and support other Tommee Tippee products can bring to the feeding table!


We collaborated with a broad variety of parenting influencers, each with a unique feeding journey. We wanted to show the breadth and depth of feeding experiences, helping to combat stigma and demonstrating that no two stories are the same, and showing how Tommee Tippee can support parents throughout their feeding journeys – be it bottle feeding, breast feeding, or a combination of the two.

The production arm of Connects filmed all the content from within the comfort of the Influencer’s own homes, giving them the chance to share their own authentic experiences with feeding through a content series of episodical IGTV, with an additional suite of content created for use on the brand’s owned channels.

Influencers were encouraged to talk about their feeding experiences and their unique journeys, whilst also offering their own hints and tips for other parents going through similar situations.


The results of this emotive and educational campaign to inspire the parenting community surpassed all expectations. From our influencer collaborators, we drove positive conversation among the parenting community, who really responded to and appreciated the authenticity of the campaign, as demonstrated by the massive 16.8% engagement rate and multitude of positive sentiments, comments and most importantly, people joining in and sharing their own #BottledIt stories, such as:

“This is amazing! Thank you for being vulnerable and talking about something so important. There is so much pressure on new parents and at the end of the day, a fed and loved baby is all that matters!! Xoxo 💕


“Love this!! I was only able to breast feed my daughter for a few weeks and I felt SOOO bad and had SOOO much pressure! My daughter was bottled fed from about 7 weeks and we used @tommeetippeeuk too! Love their bottles and that food warmer was my bestie!🤣🙌🏾👌🏾

The content resonated fantastically on the brand’s own feeds, becoming some of the platform’s best performing content. In addition, the content served to drive traffic to product pages, driving sales conversions.

The success of this campaign really did come down to the influencer identification and ensuring collaborative creativity across the influencer’s channels that allowed for authentic, archetypally aligned content. We worked hard to engage the right audiences on the right channels, centering Tommee Tippee as the go-to feeding brand for parents and giving our influencers the space to share their honest, inspiring stories.

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