All Ears – Why it was the perfect time for eBay to sponsor a podcast

Now more so than ever, your customers are looking to be entertained and informed at almost any time of the day, not just on their commute or during AM/PM downtime. With 10.1M people in the UK now listening to a podcast every week – eBay wanted to explore how they could reach new audiences, with a focused message via podcast sponsorship.

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With eBay’s latest brand campaign, Stronger As One, all around supporting small businesses, we needed to find a podcast and equally importantly, a host, who felt like an authentic brand fit and was already an active advocate for shopping with small & medium businesses.


We had already partnered with eBay super-fan Laura Whitmore on a successful project earlier in the year, encouraging people to buy and sell on the community-led marketplace. Working with eBay to sponsor the second season of her successful podcast, CASTaway, felt like a no-brainer, teamed with the fact she was already a vocal advocate for supporting small businesses.

Laura Whitmore’s CASTaway is an engaging and chatty celeb-led podcast with a simple premise – each week Laura and her pals discuss their own favourite podcasts, what they have learnt from them and any topical issues that arise.

After the success of season one and a great suite of talent booked for season two, including Clara Amfo, Katherine Ryan and Kate Thornton – it felt pivotal for eBay to enter into podcast sponsorship during a time when more people were at home, listening and looking to be entertained that ever before. According to Acast, 10.1M in the UK now listen to a podcast every week, each averaging 7 hours of listening time!

Laura was the perfect voice for the pre and end-roll ads – which we reviewed and developed halfway through the season to really help bring the small business narrative to life.

Via Laura’s effortless voiceover, the ads spoke about how eBay’s network of small businesses were all working hard individually but also together with eBay’s support to keep things moving and delivering to the nation. Laura also called out a couple of specific small businesses and the ways they were supporting charities on the front line – from Swan Brand Outlet donating items to key workers or Head over Heels creating rainbow headbands to raise money for the NHS.


– Average weekly downloads: 22,500

– Average consumption rate: 70%

35% percent increase on downloads from season one

– Featured on the Apple Podcast carousel during the weeks of eBay sponsorship

– Mainstream PR coverage across multiple titles including: MailOnline, BBC, Metro, Stylist etc.

You can listen to a spon ep here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/castaway/id1481997309

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