How Frankie Bridge became every brands go-to celebrity

Ever since she was just twelve years old, Frankie Bridge has lived her life in the spotlight. She’s been on the go ever since her early days as an iconic S Club Juniors member, right through to her twenties as lead singer of girl band The Saturday’s, and now as a full-time mum, charity ambassador, presenter, author and content creator.

An inspiration to many, having bravely opened up about her own struggles with depression and anxiety, Frankie is now investing much of her time into working with charities like Mind, and campaigns like Time To Change, having recently released her debut book around mental health: Open  – why asking for help can save a life.

In a world now governed by social media, it’s easy to feel extremely overwhelmed by this ever-spinning sphere of sharing and comparison. Having been in that space but also pulled by a desire to work alongside her community of followers, Frankie came to us 12 months ago, wanting to transform her offering on social media to become something that aligned with her personality and strong beliefs around a need for more mental health support, as well as working with brands in an authentic, profitable way. This case study offers insight into how we worked collaboratively with Frankie, to build her social strategy in an authentic and meaningful way, taking away ‘the fear’ and unknown that very often comes with having your work be the ‘gram.


Frankie came to us wanting to really understand what brands want from celebrities, and how to build her online community. Frankie is one of the most driven and engaged celebrity influencers we’ve had the pleasure of working with, so ensuring her social output was absolutely align to those staunch values and passions, would be inherent to the success of her strategy. Hence, the brands Frankie worked with had to be ones she either already used, or was particualy interested in.


To kick off the strategy work, we hosted a bespoke workshop session with Frankie to help her develop her brand communication and output for all social media channels. We looked at a range of elements, from which platforms suited Frankie’s persona most authentically, to how these platforms can be used most effectively, and how to ensure that professional use of social media doesn’t distract from everyday life (it’s a 24/7 gig, after all) – especially for someone is open about their mental health. We made sure the experience was fun, personal and really brought to life what Frankie enjoys; family, holistic health, joy, fitness and fashion/beauty.

Following up from the initial workshop, we constructed a concise content calendar that could be used and owned by Frankie throughout the year, in a practical, effective way. We also implemented sporadic, always-on content mentorship sessions, that gently guides Frankie through her content creation and output.


It has been great fun to work with Frankie and the results to sit with it have been brilliant, here are a few of the highlights:

The Numbers

  • 42% increase in Instagram following (350K new followers)
  • Instagram engagement rate increased from 0.9% to 2.1%
  • For one fashion retail clients, 83% of the traffic Frankie brought in from Instagram – as an onboarded always-on influencer – came from customers who had never visited the site before
  • Coverage across her social handles and by proxy via third parties, such as The Daily Mailand OK! magazine

Personal Sentiments

In review, Frankie said:

“Sedge and the rest of the team at Connects have been brilliant to work with It has been amazing to work at-home, with my family and to have turned Instagram into a bit of a side hustle. Being able to work with the brands I love, that my Instagram community have seen me wear for years and seeing them buy the looks has been brilliant.”

Frankie’s agent, Meryl Hoffman, also said that:

“Getting to work alongside such a professional content agency, with all the necessary expertise, has been such an opportunity for Frankie. Connects’ have really supported Frankie to be her and to use social to drive that. There is no doubt it helped with things like her book launch and charity partnerships too.”

If you’re looking for some help on your content strategy – brand, celebrity, influencer or otherwise – we’d love to chat! You can email us at info@seenconnects.com.

You can follow Frankie on Instagram here, or on TikTok for next-level dance moves here. And finally, if you’d like to collaborate with Frankie, Meryl’s email is: Meryl.Hoffman@curtisbrown.co.uk

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