Frankie Bridge talks Mental Health, with Very.co.uk

Helping Frankie Bridge and Very.co.uk widen the mental health conversation, with mass reach engaging long-form content.


After a huge surge in popularity, it’s now proven that podcasts are a great way for any brand or individual to connect with an audience. In fact, BBC Global Newsreported in 2019 that podcasts are more effective than TV adverts by 22% and they also now outperform radio adverts. Through our relationship with Frankie Bridge (former member of The S Club 8 and The Saturdays) we knew she was keen to do something in the mental health space. We pitched the idea of sponsoring a mental health podcast to Very.co.uk. Frankie was one of Very’s core influencers in the influencer network we run, so we she was a good fit and that the topic and platform was a good way for Very to market to new audiences.


There has been appetite in recent years for in-depth, personal conversations around mental health that come from real people, who are often looked up to in society. The stigma that previously surrounded mental health conversations is finally diminishing, and the general public is gasping for personal accounts and honesty around the topic. Frankie has been very open and honest about her own struggles with mental health.

Securing the sponsorship for season 1 of Frankie’s Podcast Open Minds meant 10-episode season, with guests ranging from Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing to Loose Women’sAndrea McLean. Each episode featured 90 seconds of contextual Very.co.uk comms spread across the beginning, middle and end of the 40 minute podcast. These were voiced by Frankie and identified the brand’s support of the cause, whilst advertising their product offering. The ads were built to support different moments in the calendar for Very. For example when Topshop launched on Very, Frankie was one of the first to talk about it via her Podcast.


Season one was a huge success for both Frankie Bridge and Very.co.uk with reviews for the ranging from “very open and honest”, to “brave” and “raw and genuine”.  Very.co.uk messaging was clearly taken away. And the perceptions of the Very.co.uk brand benefitted hugely from its association with such a worthy cause.

To date, there have been 217k downloads of the podcast and many, many more streams. It spent 27 days in the Apple Podcasts chart and it was also Spotify’s ‘Pick of the Month’.

Frankie’s Instagram posts promoting the podcast received over 440k views. And the success spilled over into traditional national media, with the podcast featured by BBC Radio 5 live, Evening Standard, OK Magazineand The Express.

And the results will keep on going up as Season 1 continues to live online and is continually found by new audiences.

Due to the success of season 1, Very are sponsoring season 2 which is released alongside Frankie’s new ‘Open’. In the lead up to season 2, we hosted the first live podcast for ‘Open Mind’ at Very’s Wellness event with Vogue Williams. Click here to listen to the episode! https://apple.co/2O9KIZw

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