Frankie Bridge talks Mental Health, with the support of Very.co.uk – across two seasons!

Due to the success of Season 1, Very went on to sponsor Season 2 of Frankie Bridge’s podcast, Open Mind. Season 2 of the show was released alongside Frankie’s debut book OPEN: Why asking for help can save your life. In the lead-up to Season 2’s release date, we hosted the first live recording for the podcast, at Very’s wellness event – #LiveWellDiaries featuring celebrity guest, Vogue Williams. Very.co.uk’s narrative for Q1 of 2020 primarily revolved around wellness, including mental wellbeing, so it was the perfect opportunity for them to get Frankie even more authentically involved in and aligned the Very family.


For Frankie, her live recording with Vogue Williams was the first time she had ever hosted a live episode, on top of being in front of an audience, and it was also the first time Very had been involved in a live podcast recording too.

The live episode was used as a bonus episode, to tease the launch of Season 2, where she chatted to the lovely Vogue Williams about life as a mother, life in the public eye and how important wellness is to positive outlook on life. Vogue has often spoken about how she utilised exercise as a way to combat her anxiety, so the pairing was extremely well aligned and felt extremally authentic.

The live recording of Frankie’s bonus podcast episode set the tone for Very’s wellness event, tying the narrative of ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ together, as well as giving Frankie a wider reach, since the event was covered by a few media outlets.


Our approach to Season 2 was very much informed by the success of Season 1; whilst an intimate recording with Vogue Williams kick-started the Frankie’s conversations around wellness, the thread throughout the rest of Season 2 was Very’s ever-present support, and Frankie’s dedication to open-minded mental health conversations.

Whilst Season 1’s adverts performed well, we wanted to keep the content fresh, so we made sure that new, more in-depth adverts were recorded each week, to authentically support the topic discussed on the podcast, as well supporting different moments in Very’s calendar.

Some of the guests for Season 2 included presenter and DJ Nick Grimshaw, world famous magician Dynamo and Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt


Season 2 of Frankie Bridge’s ‘Open Mind’ was a huge success. Since the 1st of May, 2020, Season 2 has amassed 609K listens – and a further 258K subscribers from season 1. On social media, we saw 5.8M impressions across all content, thanks to Frankie’s growing social presence and constant promotion of the season. As with Season 1, the success of ‘Open Mind’ Season 2 was evident in the coverage from traditional national media outlets, with the podcast featured in the Mail Online, The Metro and The Mirror. 

With lots of encouraging reviews from listeners, this one stood out

“I’ve never felt compelled to write a podcast review before now but I just felt I had to say thank you for this one! It’s so refreshing to hear people telling it like it really is and it’s helped me enormously to know people (famous or otherwise!) experience similar things to me yet it doesn’t have to define you as a person and that you can still be hugely successful in life

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