Get the Scoop: Launching boohoo’s first podcast to top of the charts

For boohoo, style never sleeps. As a 24/7 online fashion retailer, their focus is making fashion accessible and fun, so boohoo’s customer can get the wardrobe of their dreams. The brand’s playful yet culturally relevant social presence has formed a unique online relationship with their customers, tapping into current trends to keep content relevant and fresh. With one of these trends being the podcast, boohoo decided to give their customers an outlet to hear their favourite influencers, activists and celebs dive head-first into a chat, where no topic is off limits!

Focusing on fun-loving guests who stand for something and are ready to bare all – the concept for Get The Scoop was born. We stepped in to help boohoo produce, launch and roll out their first ever podcast and content series.


With Season 1 hosted by 2019 Love Island contestant Maura Higgins, the podcast would be a way of trying her hand in a presenting career with a fun, playful interview series, featuring influencers, activists and celebrities alike. From relationships and body image, to career goals and the latest gossip – no topic was off limits, so we needed to ensure we launched with a bang and set the tone for the series from the very beginning – whilst also developing a format that didn’t solely rely on Maura as host, so that the podcast had longevity. We also wanted to make use of boohoo’s incredible set, an amazing interactive ice-cream parlour meets sweet shop, whilst still keeping up high quality sound.


A podcast’s purpose is to generate intimate audio content that doesn’t have to stick to broadcasting rules, and can pretty much cover any topic necessary in a bite-size episode. Our approach was to take that purpose and put the boohoo stamp on it, keeping it Insta-friendly by emphasising the playful on-set visuals for the social videos. A weekly IGTV highlights reel teased the full episode, with Swipe Up stories and grid clips giving their 6M followers a glimpse into upcoming guests.

In an end-to-end production, we provided the scripts, production crew and the edits of all assets, as well as distributing the podcast on our third party host platform. To develop scripts, one on one calls with guests took place ahead of time to build out topic areas – from Coppafeel founder Kris Hallenga chatting body confidence, to Holly Hagan discussing online trolls. boohoo offered an alternative platform for them to share their heartfelt story, whilst Maura’s presence brought an air of understanding on set, as she could personally relate to a lot of spotlight issues discussed by guests. She herself opened up about her own mental health after leaving the Love Island villa, adjusting to a new busy schedule and making time for herself to recover.


boohoo’s Get The Scoop shot into the Top 5 of iTunes’ podcast chart during its first week of its release. The launch episode has over 30k unique downloads to date – proving boohoo arrived on the podcast scene with a bang.

Reviews from viewers call out how the fun and playful podcast is also able to tap into those harder-hitting topics:

“It’s so inspiring listening to strong independent women. In the past year my mental health has struggled and listening to women talking about their personal issues, work issues etc has really helped.” 

“Honestly such a funny but also empowering podcast from my FAV BRAND EVER!”

“The main thing I liked about in the first podcast was the f word (feminism) which is a subject that you don’t hear about as often on the daily basis or learn in schools.”

Get The Scoop has certainly amassed an army of loyal listeners, with over 170K downloads to date – setting a strong foundation for upcoming seasons.

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