Influencers supercharge social with three uk’s unlimited data campaign

During a time of global disconnection, Three UK were on a mission to get the country connected. So, they launched their new Supercharged Pay-As-You-Go SIM, giving users unlimited data, calls and texts for just £20 – as opposed to the usual £30. No matter the circumstances, everyone deserves to keep in contact with loved ones, so Three UK set out to be that helping hand, for getting online and staying connected, whether users were streaming, downloading or chatting to their nan! Our brief was to onboard influencers to help Three UK shout their mission and engage customers across the board to keep the country connected.

SERVICES: Influencer Marketing


The challenge we faced was onboarding the right influencers, who aligned with Three UK’s upbeat tone, but respected the difficulties families were facing during lockdown, whilst also bolstering the Supercharged SIM campaign effectively.

It was extremely important that campaign content created was a well-balanced mixture of helpful, fun, humorous and engaging. We needed to make sure the influencers involved would be simultaneously helping their followers to save money and stay connected, whilst also injecting and uplifting joy into their day.



We worked hard to choose influencers who could imaginatively capture and portray the endless possibilities of unlimited data, with a main focus on families.Whether users were tuning into Joe Wicks at 9am for a P.E. lesson, working from home, FaceTiming with grandparents, or tuning in to TikTok for downtime during the day – it was extremely important they got that connective freedom, without the fear of racking up a huge bill of data.

We onboarded five influencers to boost the campaign, briefing each one to interpret the challenge in a fun way that felt in line with their creative style and feed, so as to remain as authentic and engaging as possible. Showcasing the offer as a generous deal was also very important, so that families knew exactly what they could save.

As an example of how key alignment was to the success of this campaign, one influencer we onboarded was due to move house during lockdown measures, so unlimited data was a necessity, given their Wi-Fi had been switched off, ahead of moving. The influencer talked with humour about how they had become obsessed with TikTok in the interim, and a few minutes of joy amidst the stress meant their unlimited data was extremely necessary!


Each influencer onboarded was asked to create one grid post that addressed the creative brief whilst referencing the Supercharged Pay-As-You-Go SIM and one Instagram story (of a minimum four frames) including a swipe-up link. Despite being a relatively small group of five influencers across emerging and entry tiers, the success of this campaign was astounding– especially during unprecedented times of difficulty. 3 of the 5 also posted their content on TikTok outside of their contracted obligations which boosted engagement and broadened the campaign across channels.

The Numbers:

– Overall, the campaign achieved198K impressions 

– An overall CPE of just £0.03

– And the campaignreached over 180K people, informing them that Three’s Supercharge SIM was only £20!

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