Tommee Tippee Supports Families With SleepFest Panel Event

Tommee Tippee was launching a new sleep range aimed at aiding night-time routines and wanted to raise awareness and drive purchase consideration, by creating a culturally relevant, supportive and informative sleep campaign.

We were briefed, along with our sister agencies SEEN Presents Experiential and Stir PR, to create an integrated response that would genuinely help parents with their sleep related challenges!


Although sleep (or the lack of it!) is a huge issue for most parents, it can be really difficult to find reliable information and helpful solutions in this area. There’s a lot of conflicting and confusing advice out there, which can lead to parents feeling like they’re failing and not knowing where to turn for support.

As an iconic brand in the parenting space, Tommee Tippee’s inherent understanding of the struggles parents go through meant that they were really well placed to meet this need, but they weren’t yet known for sleep expertise. So we needed to change that and let parents know they were here to help.


We developed an integrated Sleep campaign to hero Tommee Tippee’s sleep expertise.

To provide a central focus and consumer engagement hub for the campaign, we created ‘SleepFest’; a one-day interactive festival that took place on World Sleep Day, designed to help and support parents with all things sleep related.

It included engaging workshops, creative experiences and much needed relaxation for sleep deprived parents; but most importantly attendees could benefit from the shared experiences, advice and support of our parent influencer panel. Everyone who took part in the event from DJs to caterers was also a parent of a baby or young child, ensuring truly authentic, empathetic communication throughout.

Our influencer approach focused on two specific areas: garnering key influencers for the panel event that would both reinforce Tommee Tippee’s sleep expertise and inspire the audience and sourcing influencers to promote, attend and reflect on ‘SleepFest’ – to drive ticket sales for the event and purchase consideration of Tommee Tippee’s sleep range.


We carefully selected and onboarded a really strong group of influencers with diverse and interesting experience of sleep challenges to make up our influencer ‘sleep team’; choosing parents with completely different sleep stories, who were known for their light-hearted and inspiring approach to life.

We commissioned a series of sleep focused influencer content, incorporating an event traffic driving phase, ‘on the day’ live and an always-on bank of content, as post-event follow-up to highlight what they had learnt from ‘SleepFest’ and how it positively affected their “IRL” daily sleep routines to drive promotion of Tommee Tippee’s sleep range over an extended period of time.

When it came to our influencer panel at the event, we wanted the conversation to expose real and honest views on the parenting sleep experience, in a way that involved storytelling and candid home truths. The panel also included sleep expert Kathryn Dowling, who Stir PR had recruited to partner with Tommee Tippee to offer a professional take.

We aimed to create an open environment and devised questions that would prompt a broad range of advice to support both event attendees and share with a wider online community, post-event.

Our influencer panellists did us proud; engaging and entertaining the audience with their real-life sleep experiences and stories and really helpful advice and the Q&A enabled them to give bespoke tips and support.


Post event attendee feedback was amazing, with parents really appreciating the opportunity to meet inspiring influencers in person and directly engage with them on a topic so close to their hearts!

All KPIs exceeded:

  • Over 5.3M Impressions across all content
  • A Cost Per Engagement of £0.01p
  • An Engagement Rate of 16.8%

A word from our client:

“Working with the team on SleepFest was an absolute pleasure! From pitch to execution the attention to detail they bring to the table is unparalleled to any one we have worked with before. The team did an amazing job of understanding the brand and staying true to our values, while pushing us creatively to bring to life a campaign that would excite & resonate with the millennial parent. This has been the start of a great partnership and we look forward to working together again in the future.” Nicola Wallace, Tommee Tippee UK Brand Manager

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