How Laura Whitmore’s Closet Clear-Out Turned Millions Onto Ebay


Faced with a drastically changing consumer climate, brought on by COVID-19’s knock-on effects, we wanted to show how eBay continues to be a friendly and helpful platform for anyone looking to buy something new, or fund something new.

With the latest Buy.Sell.eBay campaign going live just before the nationwide lockdown, continuing to confidently communicate Buy.Sell.eBay’s core message in a tonally appropriate way, was critical.

We wanted to showcase how eBay provides a genuinely useful service for people staying at home, who are perhaps looking for ways to fill their time or make some extra income on the side.


To support and amplify the Buy.Sell.eBay campaign across social, and drive consideration of eBay, we needed to work alongside a true brand advocate with a strong social following, whilst ensuring they could create some amazing content remotely, during the initial week of lockdown. The content created had to be tactful, yet also provide authentic entertainment and a sense of escapism during a time when consumers’ screen time is significantly higher than usual.

So, we teamed up with much-loved presenter, actress and avid eBay user, Laura Whitmore. We established a strong relationship with Laura, which meant working closely with her to bring the Buy.Sell.eBay message to life in a way that felt authentic to her audience and didn’t jar with the sensitivities surrounding the pandemic, was natural and easy.

Laura created content across Instagram and TikTok, all of which showcased how she was prepping to sell items on eBay. We planned to harness TikTok’s ever increasing installation rates, which are up 96% year-on-year, with the COVID-19 outbreak seemingly fuelling increased adoption.

The content created also included a cameo ‘appearance’ from Iain Stirling, Love Island’s infamous comedic voiceover and boyfriend of Laura. With Iain’s added value, the end result ticked all necessary boxes – from humorous and informative, to energetic and honest. What’s more, the activation included a charity narrative as Laura pledged to donate the proceeds from the sale of her items to her preferred charity, Choose Love.

The content – whilst bringing some much needed light-hearted relief to an anxiety-inducing time – also proved to be genuinely useful in terms of inspiring people and helping them consider the merits of doing an eBay closet clear-out during this new-found “free time”, to create a savings bank or even fund something new.


The content performed exceptionally well and was very positively received, achieving over 1.3M impressions, with an engagement rate of 26.4%. Thanks to archetypal alignment, the topic especially resonated with her audience, many of whom expressed via the comments section they were also going to make an ‘eBay pile’ when doing a closet clear-out.

In terms of value for money, the campaign CPE was £0.06, sitting well below the industry average CPE of £0.25. What’s more, the content reached a far wider audience when it was picked up by the MailOnline and was written about and featured in three separate articles. Boasting a 92M online readership, it was great to see the genuine and humorous content created also had media appeal and perfectly captured the sentiment of the time.

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