Maximising ROI through data-informed influencer partnerships

In 2019, we further rolled out and optimised our long-term strategy for Very. Working with 80 UK influencers across fashion, homeware, tech and fitness, we surpassed our 2018 results three-fold.


Competition in the retail space had intensified, with brands becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their influencer marketing campaigns. And this was the backdrop of environmentally-fueled societal pressure for consumers to shop less.


We established a network as the foundation of Very’s day-to-day work with influencers, commissioning a squad of 80 individual new voices throughout the year to inspire new customers and advocate for the brand.

Our influencer squad were briefed on Very’s trading priorities, along with ongoing real-time data. This enabled each influencer to create relevant content that had the best chance of surpassing their KPIs, whilst promoting the message of conscious and sustainable shopping.

Using UTM links and Google analytics, we gathered in-depth insights on the products promoted and content creative and formats used by each influencer. This allowed us to measure and optimise the impact each component had on attracting new and returning shoppers, sales conversion and basket value.


The Very Network of influencers produced over 3,300 unique and curated pieces of content in 2019, achieving 130 million brand impressions across Very.co.uk, and partnered brands such as Nike and Topshop.

Whilst we are not at liberty to publish overarching sales results, The Very Network generated a 300% year-on-year increase in new visitors to Very.co.uk in 2019.

It’s been an incredible year working with Very on a category-leading approach to influencer marketing. We’re looking forward to collaborating with further brands in 2020 and helping them to be a little more Very!


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