One Giant Hop for Malteser Orange Bunny!

What’s more exciting than a brand new, chocolate-orange Maltesers masterpiece? Mars Wrigley invited us to partner with influencers best known for their light-hearted energy, to create a series of fun and exciting content that would showcase the brighter side of springtime – to help build bunny buzz, awareness and excitement for their seasonal product launch. This organic content was then backed by paid media assets that bought the campaign to wider audience.


Our objective was to create a Maltesers Bunny campaign – encouraging 18 to 34-year-olds to see the new orange chocolate variant as an exciting ‘must have’ seasonal product and drive traffic through to a retail partner. As well as to explore how we can leverage influencers for the Maltesers Bunny over the Easter period.


Delivering the campaign whilst the nation remained in lockdown – we wanted to make the campaign as positive as possible. Therefore, all creative ideation was built around the fact that Easter and Orange Bunny had arrived, to show things were looking up!

Maltesers is a notoriously fun-loving, playful brand, so the influencers we chose had to also reflect that. Therefore, we partnered with fun loving influencers, to curate and publish some of the most sharable seasonal jokes. Each personally briefed to tickle the nation’s funny bone in the lead-up to Easter, in their own unique way.

Living alongside friends, family or housemates (who could help bring the narrative to life), each of our influencers created a series of laugh-out-loud social content using grid posts and stories, which were then bolstered with targeted Paid Media spend. Adding value and driving Malteser orange chocolate loving audiences to a bespoke Amazon store.

Finally, to sustain the optimal campaign performance, we created a bespoke account structure that enabled us to extend the reach of our Influencer content through paid media. As a result, we were able to run multiple ads in unison applying budget optimisation at a campaign level which allowed the platform algorithm to optimise spend towards the best performing pieces of influencer content.


Our objectives were to spark joy throughout the festive season, using influencers to drive an increased rate of sale and focus on driving impulse purchases through playful, honest, shareable content. By keeping users engaged with fresh content and multiple influencers we launched Malteser Orange Bunnies with a bang, reaching more users than ever before whilst keeping the campaign alive for longer.

All of our target KPIs were surpassed, with headlines including:

– 39 pieces of content

– 17.8M impressions

– 10K link clicks

As well as outstanding results, the amount of positive sentiment that came from campaign content was overwhelming. Here’s a taste of the action…



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