We partnered Panasonic with influencers to cook up their freshest campaign yet.

To launch its brand new Breadmaker – the SD-YR2550/2540 – Panasonic challenged us to find them a great creative idea – and great influencers to deliver it. Which conveniently, is what we do best.


What our client wanted was to drive awareness of the product and to solidify the fact that Panasonic are a trusted leader in the food tech category – using targeted groups of foodie influencers. The talent needed to authentically show their audience exactly what makes this model so special, and to inspire them to use it in endless different ways – making it the ultimate kitchen must-have.

In this pandemic era of banana-bread makers and newly-converted cooks, we needed to communicate that this is so much more than a simple breadmaker, and that one was pretty much essential in order to take those newfound skills to the next level. Yes, even if you don’t have much spare time. And yes, even if you’re gluten-free.


One of our core pillars at Connects is to partner our clients with talent chosen for their archetypal alignment – not reach or status. Another is to create truly useful content that gives audiences something they want or need, that just happens to come from a brand. Because content that tries to sell doesn’t. But content that tries to help, does.

We brought these two pillars together using talent aligned to the brand – influencers which we identified as Panasonic’s target audience of‘ Creative Bakers’,‘ Gluten Avoiders’ and‘ Busy Parents’. By educating and supporting this audience of future bread-making aficionados to reach their goals – no matter how ambitious they were – we would foster awareness, engagement and brand loyalty for our client.

The campaign – #IdeasKitchen – would use our nine carefully-chosen influencers to share relatable, proven recipes for their followers to try for themselves at home. There would be unexpected creations from creative bakers like @John_Whaite’s Ginger & Tahini Oat cake. Experimental recipes from bake off finalist @Laura.Adlington (you’ve got to try her Chorizo, Chilli Cheese and Spring Onion bread – so yum). And a super easy, fast and fuss-free Cranberry, Walnut and Maple loaf from @all.thats.pretty.


Our first objective was to drive awareness – and boy did we. Our nine influencers delivered above and beyond their expected output, not just in terms of volume of earned content (by +71% ), but with content that reached a total of 1.55 million users (119% increase on KPI), with impressions hitting 1.6 million (82% increase on KPI). The campaign’s highly engaging content (11% ER) had 49.6k total

engagements (surpassing its KPI of 21k) at a CPE that smashed its KPI too (£0.05) at £0.02.

Our secondary objective was to drive purchase intent and measure it with meaningful data. We were able to measure this success using the content’s 2.1k Saves on Instagram as well as clicks to site (driven by Swipe Ups in Instagram stories) which reached 3.5k.

Visit Panasonic’s #IdeasKitchen on Instagram now for all our influencers delicious – and very do-able – recipes.

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