Partnering with eBay and celebrities for eBay’s Big Charity Sell

During COVID-19 lockdown, everyone wanted to pull together to do more. We had people like Captain Tom Moore walking his garden a hundred times over on his birthday to raise over £33M for NHS charities, Joe Wicks donating over £80K in ad revenue from his PE sessions and overseas, global popstars like Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber recording in isolation and offering the proceeds from their new track to children’s foundations. Without question, it’s been a time of immense community, despite everyone being physically apart.

As we have been working with eBay for some time, we were approached by celebrities such as Frankie Bridge and Laura Whitmore who wanted to clear out their wardrobes and donate 100% of the money raised (via eBay) to a cause they care about.

SERVICES: Celebrity Partnership


The challenge was simple, raise as much money for charity as possible, using the eBay for Charity platform, which enables people to donate between 10% to 100% of the proceeds from sales to a charity of their choice.


Laura and Frankie set to work, clearing out their wardrobes and between them amassed over 50 items to sell on eBay. Knowing the personal touch goes a long way, each celebrity made sure the items appealed to fans, either sharing images of them wearing the garment or telling the back-story, such as Frankie’s award show dresses or Laura Whitmore’s fiancés BAFTA shoes.

Once their charity auctions were live, Frankie and Laura were then briefed to promote their eBay charity auctions, across their social channels, to further raise awareness and to explain a bit more about the chosen charities they were aligning with.

Laura donated clothing from her personal collection in aid of HELP REFUGEES LIMITED, a NFP organisation working on the frontline of the refugee crisis in Europe and beyond. In the face of coronavirus, refugees living in overcrowded, unsanitary camps need the charity‘s help more than ever.

Frankie’s closet clear out was auctioned in aid of NHS Charities Together. This incredible charity alliance continues to be key in supporting the ongoing – and outstanding – work of NHS staff and volunteers responding to the current COVID-19 crisis, to keep us all safe.

As each item was sent out and received, the winner of the auction received a personalised note from the celebrities, thanking them for their support.


The Numbers:

– Over a 7 day period, over £6,000 was raised for charity by Frankie & Laura, via eBay UK!

– The ‘eBay for Charity’ auctions were broadcast across Frankie and Laura’s social networks of 2.2M people

The Sentiment:

Sentiment across the board was super positive, with fans commenting how they thought it was a great way to show support and proudly sharing their winning bids! Many mentioned how they now felt inspired to get involved in eBay’s Big Charity Sell also and have a clear out of their own.

Working on something so meaningful and necessary with eBay was a really rewarding experience. Frankie and Laura have become two of our most highly regarded influencers, so working with them on this campaign – to produce such encouraging results – was enjoyable and efficient.


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