Real stories drive real engagement: Finding the right talent for Tommee Tippee

There has always been a fine line between inspiring a really engaged audience, and alienating just about everyone else. This rings true particularly when it comes to reaching new parents.  Exhausted, confused and elated all at once, to say they’re on an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement. What they don’t need is more advice. Or more sales jargon. They need real stories, from real people, that just get it. That’s why – when it came to driving awareness of its Made for Me Breastfeeding range – our client Tommee Tippee knew that only influencer marketing would do.

SERVICES: Influencer Marketing | Production


There was a really specific challenge we faced for this – the follow on to Tommee Tippee’s #BottledIt campaign. And that was because of the legalities surrounding how breastfeeding products are advertised. This code regulates the marketing of formulas, bottles and teats for babies and young children.

Rather than advertise specific products, Tommee Tippee chose to create a campaign to celebrate World Breastfeeding Awareness Week. This wouldn’t be a hard sell, but instead an opportunity to celebrate all types of feeding journeys and foster an emotional connection with its target audience. And to do this, they had to find credible voices to share their stories. That’s where we came in.


What our client needed was elite influencers that were both entirely authentic – so had experience with breastfeeding – and who were comfortable or better still experienced talking about it to their followers, as well as Tommee Tippee’s. For us, it had to be celebrities such as Myleene Klass and Gemma Atkinson. We worked with public figures and new mums who had recently spoken about their experiences with breastfeeding in national publications and on their own social media channels. So our campaign would become a natural continuation of that conversation.

The content we wanted the talent to create would be informal, honest and totally personal to each of them. So we chose to do longer-form assets – on IGTV – shot in their homes. The aim of these videos was to connect with new parents emotionally and spread a message of inclusiveness and positivity, whatever way they decide to feed their baby. So our influencer’s briefs – though loose – were to tell the whole truth about their own feeding journeys. The highs, the lows and why it’s always OK to cry over spilled breast milk.  In order to drive traffic and sales for Tommee Tippee, each video included aunique discount code.


The content beat the campaign KPI’s in every instance, from engagement rate – which overperformed by over 23% – to direct revenue. The two IGTV assets drove:


– CPE: £0.02

– ER: 29.2%

The positive sentiment around the campaign – arguably the most important metric for our client – was incredible too. Proving once again that content that tries to sell doesn’t – but content that tries to help, does.

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