Tommee Tippee Love Letters

Tommee Tippee tasked us to create an influencer campaign to promote its Made for Me range. To the uninitiated – that’s the paraphernalia that goes with breastfeeding, expressing, pumping, you get it. Our client had recently launched its hugely successful global campaign The Boob Life’ – which showed its audience that Tommee Tippee get it. They so get it. Whatever content came next had big boots– scrap that – big boobs to fill. Challenge accepted.

The Boob Life campaign was an incredibly real, heartbreaking, joyful and devastating reflection on what feeding a baby is really like. No filters, no soft focus lenses or flattering angles. Talking to parents with respect, kindness and brutal honesty. To follow, our client wanted an influencer campaign that not only amplified The Boob Life video but moved this idea on – that let its customers know that everyone is in the same boat –  laughing, crying and of course leaking in the trenches together. That goes for celebrities, influencers and everyone else in between. What do they all have in common? Tommee Tippee’s got their back. Enter, our 2021 Tommee Tippee influencer campaign – Love Letter To My Boobs.


Our client is best-known for its bottles. What it wanted from this campaign was two-fold. Firstly, to let all parents know that whatever their feeding journey – breast, bottle, expressing or formula – that it’s all feeding. And it’s all good. Secondly, Tommee Tippee wanted to highlight that its Made For Me breastfeeding range has got all of those parents covered. From absorbent pads for breastfeeding mums to nipple cream – Made for Me means made for everyone. It goes way beyond bottles.

It wouldn’t be enough to simply challenge our influencers and creators to create their own Boob Life videos. We needed to create a concept that felt fresh, but also like the next chapter in our clients story. The sequel if you will.


And so our concept “Love letter to my boobs” was born. These assets would be highly personal, emotive and honest conversations between the influencers and their community – powered  but definitely not scripted by Tommee Tippee. Choosing the right talent to participate was all-important. As this was not our first time working with the client, we had an incredibly easy working relationship where they trusted us entirely to select the best influencers for the job.

We enlisted a truly diverse mix of influencers and big names (Kimberley Walsh,  Kara Tointon and Ashley James) each with different stories to tell. They would share their journeys of miscarriage, multiple births, breastfeeding highs and lows and even how breast cancer shaped their feeding experience. It really mattered to us – and our client – that no two stories were the same in order to showcase how everyone’s individual journey is different and valid. And that Tommee Tippee is there to support on that journey.

The concept was for each of our eleven mums to write (and film the process of writing) a love letter to their boobs. We wanted them to take us on a journey of how our relationship to our bodies – and particularly our boobs – change so much before and after having, trying to have or hoping to have children. We knew they’d be good. We didn’t realise they’d be this good.

We asked our talent to incorporate Tommee Tippee products throughout their videos in the most authentic and natural way possible. This campaign was not about the hard sell – it was about building trust with a brand that respects everyone’s feeding journey.


Each of our talent’s assets were so different – exactly what our client wanted. For e.g. Ashley James used her letter to discuss society’s hypersexualisation of boobs, and all the shame and judgement that comes with it. Sebinaah shared how uncomfortable her new – bigger – boobs made her feel despite being so grateful she could feed two babies with them.

Over a six-week campaign period, we delivered  1.5M impressions across 50 pieces of content . The success was undeniable, with an insanely low, overall cost-per-engagement of £0.03 and a staggering engagement rate of 14%.

The comments under each video speak volumes of this campaign’s success. It has started incredible conversations around feeding whether that’s breastfeeding or not. Along with our eleven perfectly-picked influencers, we’ve helped create positive, forward-thinking conversations with Tommee Tippee at the forefront.

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