How To Land High Street Brands to Other Retailers

With the high-street in a constant state of flux right now, shoppers are far more inclined to purchase from the comfort of their own home, at their own convenience. When Topshop announced they were closing 23 stores in Britain, it made sense to move their product to the internet, wholesaling their product to a series of online retailers – one of which was Very.co.uk. For their launch of Topshop on Very, we used a mix of existing Very advocates and fresh Topshop fans to raise awareness that customers could buy all their favourite Topshop and Topman items online with Very – using their unique credit buying system.


According to Facebook’s 2019 Fashion Playbook, a huge 79% of 13 to 35 year-olds follow influencers who post about fashion. So, for this Topshop x Very campaign, the use of fashion influencers was absolutely necessary. For the campaign to work, the influencers selected needed to be pre-existing Very and Topshop advocates, so that we could authentically communicate how the brand could now be shopped on Very.co.uk. Since Topshop’s audience is younger than Very’s catchment customer base, we also wanted to incorporate some younger faces in the campaign’s influencer mix. We did this whilst still ensuring product sales could be an important focus for the campaign, as we looked to see if consumers purchased Topshop products over the rest of Very’s catalogue.


We selected a series of influencers whose audiences aligned to the trifecta of Topshop, Topman and Very.co.uk. Each influencer involved created content around the hype of the announcement; the different ways to style Topshop X Very, and the cost-per-wear of some of those key items from Topshop, suggesting that they could be styled from day to night, especially during the partywear season.

Something we introduced as part of this Very campaign was a bigger push for video content, in an effort to go beyond the traditional outfit tag; we asked influencers to truly educate and support their audiences through the styling processes. This was done with a mix of IGTV episodes and in-feed grid videos.

Each influencer had a part to play, with specific product selections being made to help support areas where Very had a larger buy-in, while also staying true to the well-known Very consumer. Remaining inclusive of our strong parenting influencer audience, we onboarded members of The Very Network – our always-on influencer campaign – and made sure to include some fresh new faces too; such as Greg Rutherford and Temi Otedola. To support the petite and maternity ranges specific to Topshop, we onboarded Anna Corry, Nicole Corrales and Ellie Jansen who walked their followers through styling their new Topshop wardrobe to suit their body type.


Whilst we can’t disclose the sales results for this specific campaign, if you were to have a look at some of the product pages for Topshop on Very, you’ll see that a lot of items are either completely sold out or only have a few sizes remaining!

The archetypal alignment and audience demographics of those chosen to be part of the launch activation were imperative to the success of this campaign. Perfect alignment and thoroughly vetted audience demographics really did drive the message that Topshop has well and truly landed on Very.co.uk, and the partnership is a great way to spread the cost of purchase.

Over the launch period we generated a staggering 11.6M impressions. The best performing content we saw as part of this campaign is the video content that educates on how best to style up certain pieces – often driving the highest sales and engagement figures. In just three months, Topshop has become an established, sell-out brand on Very.co.uk and we couldn’t be prouder!

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