#WhatDoYouSee: Creating a tag-along campaign

Unparalleled by their inner spirit and strength, we believe that children are our brightest hope for the future.

This year, Save The Children launched their 2019 campaign ‘What Do You See,’ which aims to recognise and focus on the potential of children, encouraging people to support the development of their futures, being inspired to invest in making it a positive message rather than a negative one.

Connects were asked to develop an influencer campaign under What Do You See that aims to empower children and show how, with our support, they have so much untapped potential and shouldn’t be overlooked. By fostering an emotive connection between Save The Children and our influencers, we wanted to encourage everybody to look closer at children, recognising their true resilience and abilities and their potential to dream, inspire and achieve.


In order to give a voice to the children of today and hero their stories, we wanted to drive awareness of the ‘What Do You See’ message, changing the narrative to focus on the potential of children and their future. In order for this to feel as authentic as possible, we needed to hear directly from them, rather than speaking on their behalf, which required careful research to ensure we could illicit responses in the right way.

As a charity with such a credible reputation, another challenge here was ensuring that the work we produced felt authentic and celebrative of all children; sitting in line with the existing work of the charity, and that the stories shared were reflective of the experiences of young people globally.


The mechanic behind the campaign involved parents sharing a photograph of their child that captured a personal achievement or milestone in their child’s life. The photograph was accompanied by some words from the children themselves surrounding what they see when looking at the photograph, be it what they were thinking and feeling or their memories of the moment, using the campaign hashtag #WhatDoYouSee. The children all spoke through different memories and dreams, from their experiences of their first pride parade to how they plan to stop global warming. By utilising these authentic voices and creating heart-felt, emotive videos, we were able to demonstrate the strength and potential of children.

We identified and partnered with influencers for the campaign who were aligned to the charity and its mission, ensuring there was a genuine affiliation with the charity and the campaign message.

The video content stood as the foundation of the campaign, encouraging fellow parents to get involved by tagging connections and spreading the campaign message, all whilst using the swipe up link to the microsite where followers were able to donate. By making the wider mechanic as simple as possible – sharing an image of your children that makes you proud – and engaging our network of parent influencers to take part, we saw the campaign gain traction, with families across the country sharing their own images and stories.



In the launch week, we generated 325K impressions, reaching a potential 614K people with an overall engagement rate of 9.2%, which continues to grow as we see more people getting involved with the campaign through the tag-along mechanic.

The emotive campaign led to 100% positive sentiment, with comments that called out how important it was to focus on children’s potential – and to hear their thoughts on the future in their own words:

  • “This is fabulous – I feel so emotional! 20 years in education and we really need this campaign.” – @absy3mp
  • “Children have such a great, honest way of seeing things… this is beautiful.” – @tootsamacginty
  • “I wish I could share this from a work view point. I work with children in foster care and always want them to know how much strength they show.” – @hollyelizabeth_x
  • “Potential is everything – what a lovely thing to support.” – @oldhouseintheshires
  • “This is such a beautiful thing to do – full believer in not moulding a child of what we believe they should be, instead opening doors and motivating them for who they are. Those little brains are amazing!” – @jannine_wilson

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