Breaking The Internet With Skittles' Giant Glitch

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+Influencer Management
+Paid Media Amplification
The Brief

Connects was onboarded to partner our client with influencers known for their creativity – and Gen-Z followings – to promote and build buzz by capturing the fun of Skittles Giants. The Skittles brand is notoriously fun, imaginative and free – so our content had to be too.

The Approach

We teamed up with playful, prank-obsessed videographers to create a series of films based on the themes ‘three times larger’ and ‘unexpected’. Each influencer would appear to create a simple video of them eating their Skittles Giants but as the video played out, viewers would experience a glitch. – be it the volume rising or zooming in x3 – and that’s when the fun started!

We wanted to leave the rules open to interpretation, which meant writing each influencer a bespoke brief, tailored to the type of content they usually create. That way, we could ensure content output would be varied, but still exist under one, consistent umbrella of unpredictability!

The Results

The bespoke briefs were so empowering and inspiring that all our influencers posted extra content above and beyond their contracted deliverables.

The positive sentiment from this campaign’s content really demonstrated how much social buzz we generated. Here’s a taste of what audiences had to say…

“This is the best ad I’ve ever seen”

“This is so cool and so well done! Giant skittles sounds like a dream”

15% Average engagement rate
7.75M Impressions
£0.04 CPE