How Tommee Tippee used love letters to build brand love

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The Brief

Tommee Tippee’s previous campaign ‘The Boob Life’ was a heartbreaking, joyful and honest look at what feeding baby is really like. To follow, our client wanted an influencer campaign that amplified ‘The Boob Life’ video and moved the idea on. Enter, ‘Love Letter To My Boobs.’

The Approach

Our client is best-known for its bottles. This campaign needed to reassure parents that whatever their journey – breast, bottle, expressing or formula – that it’s all feeding. And it’s all good. Tommee Tippee also wanted to highlight its Made For Me range – that’s the paraphernalia that goes with breastfeeding, expressing, pumping.

And so our concept was born. Highly personal, emotive and honest conversations between influencers and their communities – powered but not scripted by Tommee Tippee.

Each of influencers and celebrities (Kimberley Walsh, Kara Tointon and Ashley James) had different stories to tell. Sharing journeys of miscarriage, multiple births, highs and lows and even how breast cancer shaped their feeding experience.

Each of our 11 mums wrote (and filmed the process of writing) a love letter to their boobs, incorporating products when it felt authentic.

The Results

The comments sections speak volumes.

Along with our influencers, we’ve helped create positive, forward-thinking conversations with Tommee Tippee at the forefront.

1.5M Impressions
£0.03 CPE
14% Engagement Rate