Smooth Operators: How Connects helped launch Snickers’ Creamy bar

Markets worked in:

Services Provided:

+Celebrity Partnerships
+Paid Media Amplification
The Brief

For a product launch with serious impact, Snickers asked us to come up with an influencer campaign to build awareness and drive trial of Snickers Creamy, communicate its great taste and texture and demonstrate the new portion size.

The Approach

We partnered with two influencers known for their playful, fun, light-hearted content to create social hype around the new Snickers Creamy bar.  Chosen for the archetypical alignment to the campaign’s messaging – they were tasked with creating scroll-stopping content fuelled by Snickers Creamy.

The campaign’s creative concept saw @RealPerriKiely and @SamThompsonUK give their most awkward anecdotes a smooth upgrade. They created fun, playful clips showing awkward situations get smoothed over. With Snickers Creamy powering them all the way.

The Results

Over a 4-week campaign period with £10,000 media spend we delivered a staggering 11.8M impressions, reaching over 11.2M people generating an epic social buzz for Snickers Creamy.

This concept lent itself perfectly to paid – allowing us to optimise 60 second edits into high-performing 15 second cuts without sacrificing the narrative. Reaching over 9M people, driving over 9.4M impressions at a CPE of £0.01.

Finally, its creativity meant Sam and Perri’s audiences loved it like they would organic content – generating social buzz and positive sentiment such as “This dude is the king of marketing”, “This is actually the funniest thing ever” and “I don’t know why but I watched this three times, really enjoyed it haha”.

11.2M Reach
£0.01 CPE
10% Engagement Rate